Saturday, October 22, 2011

What a Week!

I added this new amethyst necklace. It has a great edgy look with the oversize chip beads! Available here.

One day when coming home from work this week there were 4 police cruiser with lights flashing on my peaceful street. There was no indication of an accident or someone in distress so this was quite odd! Turns out they just successfully completed a foot chase of a 24 year old heroin addict responsible for recent break-ins in the area. I live in a nice family oriented neighborhood so this caught me by surprise. Since I only have a cell phone, I never received the warning phone call from the police to be aware!!!

Anyway, the kid apparently ran through my backyard and hid under my neighbor’s swing set just before I got home. The scary part is that when I read the article in the local paper the next day, the police are quite sure there are a few more individuals responsible for the break ins…….they are still free! Yikes! Luckily I have great neighbors and we do keep an eye on each other.

On a positive note, Jim gave me a gorgeous bouquet for our anniversary!

I always love these lilies that look so perfect that they appear artificial!

Also this week I graduated from a Bronze Powerseller to a Silver Powerseller on eBay!!!! Woohoo! I have been super busy. Monday thru Friday starts with the alarm beeping at 5:20am to package up orders. Then I go to my full time job and when I get home I work in my home office until 7pm! My days are long but it is very rewarding and I am so proud of the business I have built. It started as a hobby in January 2007 and I never would have expected to be so successful!

The cold weather bedding came out! Each year I have a goal of not turning on the heat until November 1st…..this never happens. I have already turned it on and started burning up expensive heating oil!!!

I made this delicious soup! It doesn’t look too pretty due to the spinach! I wanted to use up salsa that was in the fridge and I thought…Mexican style soup! It was super simple….2 cans of veggie broth, can of corn, can of black beans, can of chopped tomatoes and a bag of chopped spinach.

I mixed them all together on the stove and added the salsa, black pepper, crushed red pepper and chili powder for heat!!!! I was afraid it was going to taste bad with too much spinach but it was perfect. The white stuff is melted shredded cheddar. Mmmmm! I bought canned soups in the past but I think I am just going to stick with homemade soups going forward. They are so easy and serving size portions can easily be stored in the freezer for a future dinner!

I hope you all have a great week! Thank you for stopping by! ~Val


  1. You go Powergirl! I love your amethyst necklace and thank you so much for sharing the soup recipe - its just the warm vegetarian meal idea I was looking for. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Beautiful necklace Val, I love Amethyst it is such a soothing shade of purple. Thanks for the soup idea.

  3. First, the necklace is beautiful!
    Second, holy smokes about the police stuff! Scary and you just never know anymore.
    Third, soup looks yummy!
    And last, congrats on the seller level thing. I am unfamiliar with ebay, but I assume this is a good thing. :) LOL!

  4. Congratulations for all!!! Have a nice week. Hugs!

  5. Man, you were busy this week. But I know how good it feels when you get a lot accomplished. Way to go.

  6. Hey,Sweetie ~ I am catching up with reading my favorite blogs! Boy, oh have been quite busy! Love all your posts and of course your designs. Stay safe! Claire

  7. Congrats on reaching the silver powerseller on Ebay. It's been a bit nippy here as well for the past few nights, might be time to rummage out my Winter bedding too.

  8. Wow it does sound like you are a busy bee! Hope the catch those guys soon.

    Yup is soup time, although not quite here yet! Last week we were still in the 90's this week we have a 20 % chance of precipitation! maybe??

    Congratulations on your successful business and your anniversary!

    Big hugs to you Miss Val!

  9. Sounds like it was a busy week! What a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

    Congrats on making to the silver level on Ebay! I wish you much success.

    You soup looks tasty and it does sound super simple, thanks for sharing.

    Everyday Inspired

  10. Hello dear Val!
    thanks once more for coming to my blog. This is a happy time for me, as you well know, and it's even happier because dear friends such as yourself, come and share it with me! :) Thank you!!!
    Now here I love amethysts!!! Lovely necklace!
    And the bed is absolutely beautiful!!!
    And the yummy soup!...
    All very appealing!
    Big hug :)

  11. Beautiful necklace. You are such a busy bee and I love how you love it. So happy for you!!

  12. Hi Val,
    Your necklace is gorgeous and so are your flowers! I hope you had a Happy Anniversary!!
    And I hope that they catch the people responsible for the break-ins. The same thing happened to my daughter in Atlanta...Next door, 2 teenagers were taking huge t.v.s right down the walkway in front of her! She was in a real high-dollar neighborhood...(She rented a room because she was in college.) But, gosh, those people were stealing in broad daylight--hard to believe!

  13. Wow it was quite a week!
    Love the new necklace!
    Yikes on the break-ins and cops!
    Beautiful flowers!
    We already have our heat on as well!
    Mmmmm...I could live on soup and sandwiches :)

  14. Amethyst is a very pretty stone, you used well!! And congrats on the flowers and your prosperous business.

  15. Happy Anniversary Val, and DO save me some of that soup! It is so cold here today, and that looks soooo good!!

  16. the necklace is the most beaufiful colour !!!

  17. Thanks for finding my blog! I can tell that soup would be good, it does look tastsy to me.
    Your necklace is beautiful and very distinctive.
    I lved the colony, the little sewwt houses in the last post. I also like your quote in your sidebar. Making things is very soothing. It has become an integral part of maintaining my sanity now§ xxx

  18. Val, sorry to hear about the break -ins, things are so scary these days, even in nice places. Glad you have good neighbors who look out for you.

    Love your bouquet from Jim, happy anniversary and congrats on your ebay acheivement.


    Ps...Chris and I also just have cell phones, no land line anymore. We stopped having a land line years ago, we were having so much trouble with it so we figured...why bother. Our cell phones work just fine, we don't miss the land line.


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