Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crazy Weather!

This large swan pendant was a piece in my Great Aunt’s jewelry box that I felt a need to keep! It is gaudy and large but for whatever reason I love it! So I beaded a strand with white glass pearls to make a classy choker.

If you live in the Northeast you probably dealt with that crazy nor’easter last Saturday night! A week later this white stuff is still here. Ugh!

Amongst the leaves! The storm has also left some large tree limbs in my yard so leaf clean up is going to include tree clean up as well this year!!!

Luckily these boots came in the mail this week. This was a great eBay auction…won them brand new at $37 and they have a retail of $95!!! The label is Mountrek and they are supposed to be really warm and waterproof. I found some great reviews on Amazon for them but their price was $95. Bargains make me really happy. I love the shiny, strange fabric. They are super lightweight too! Perfect for winter wear to work and for errands. Hopefully they are grippy on ice too.

These are my dusty Sorels (they have been in a closet all summer – apparently it is dusty in there)! I bought them when I moved into my house since I have a large driveway to shovel. These heavy duty boots keep my feet extremely warm and dry. They are wild looking too! This is perfect for anything categorized as a blizzard or a snowy nor’easter.

I may as well show off my new coat too. This was another great eBay deal. I love the style. This green was not my first color choice but the color I wanted was not available in my size. It turns out I really love this one though! It looks great with the top button either buttoned or unbuttoned.

Due to the aftermath of the storm, trick or treating was postponed from Monday to Wednesday as many in my area were left without power for days and I am sure there are some still without it as I write this!!! I was fortunate enough to have only lost power for less than 24 hours. If this is any indication of how our winter will be, we are in for a doozey!!!!!

I stupidly purchase the candy I like every year for the kids. Why do I do that to myself? I have no will power around classic American chocolate bars!!!

These fun witch lanyards are on their way to the U.K. My customer purchased 2 prior and I figured they were for Halloween. Then she requested 2 more and come to find out they are Christmas gifts for co-workers. They are in a clique names the witches. How fun!

Thank for stopping by!!! I wish you all a great, stress-free week. ~Val


  1. hey Val, if you have more chocolate, you can send it to me, no problem, really. :) specially since all the bad weather you have, comes to our area with a week of delay, so...

  2. What a great way to showcase that swan pendant. It is such a beauty!

    I do love your new coat especially. And I am very fond of that shade of green. Lucky you.

    Lastly, chocolate is my weakness. Need I say more?

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Okay - I love what you did w/that pendant - it's a beautiful necklace!!

  4. Love your ebay bargains! charity shops and ebay...the way to shop. Love the 'witchy' lanyards...reminds me of when my husband presented myself and co-workers with a witch's broomstick!!!

  5. lots of great ebay finds! i've been in a shopping mode recently too. adn love that swan pendant too.

  6. I love the swan pendant and how you have adapted it.
    We didn't have many trick or treaters here this year and I also bought chocolate which I like so I have happily munched my way through quite afew Twix's this week.

  7. Nice pair of boots those gray ones from ebay! I love bargains too as soon as I see a clearance sign on a rack I have to stop and look! I could not image live in a winter weather such as yours so cold!!! Stay warm Miss Val!

  8. I love the swan piece, it made a great choker. Good deal on the boots, it looks like you will be ready for winter. Great coat too!
    Everyday inspired

  9. Love your boots and your sweater! You necklace is beautiful!! I love it!! I hope you have an easier Winter this year!! Our AZ summers are hot!! And very long!! I don't know which one is worse. But all I know is my lizard skin would freeze it's butt of in the snow.

  10. Hi Val,

    I love the necklace you made with that beautiful pin...great work. I think the pearls really add to it's beauty.

    Argh, I hate the white stuff.I have a permanent ban on snow in my mind. Have a wonderful weekend.


  11. Snow already ?? too bad ! I think the snow boots are just the thing.
    They don't really do trick or treating here, so chocolates bought in a "good cause" are looking at me waiting to be eaten and yikes - no children to give them to!
    The swan is great - real retro.

  12. You did a great job with your Great Aunt's pendant! I have my Great-Great Aunt's wedding ring and wear it everyday :) (I was named after her!)
    Love your new eBay finds too!

  13. The swan pendant is GORGEOUS Val!! What a treasure.

    I love you new coat. It looks like you are all ready for winter!!

  14. I don't blame you for keeping the swan pendant, it's gorgeous!! I wish I could buy and use some Sorels boots, but here in Florida?? not likely!

  15. I really LOVE your swan choker!!! Great way to keep it in the family.

  16. Hey Val,

    The Swan choker is really pretty. I LOVE it! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

  17. hello my dear! how are u?

    here the weather is also a bit crazy nowadays!

    thanks for visiting! you're always wellcome.

    big hug :)

  18. Dear Val!! Where we live weather is sunny during the day, snow don't arrived yet but when the crazy weather arrives it's so hard!
    I send you a suny day!! :-)


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