Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Good Week!!!

It has been a while since I made any whimsical lanyards so I made this adorable toad lanyard.

Then this cute cat one.

The foliage is not that great this year however my next door neighbor has this beautiful maple.

Looking forward to the leaf clean up (sarcasm). My driveway is covered in leaves!

This PJM in my yard has some great burgundy coloring!

I attempted to catch Miss Alice in the act of eating my flowers. She is too quick for me and did not want evidence on film. She definitely looks guilty in the photo though!

Jim made a beautiful Margherita pizza last weekend.

We learned of a local wine store, The Wine Connextion, that has complementary wine tastings on Saturday afternoons! I recommend this to any local reader. It is a great way to try new wines instead of blindly picking up bottles and offending our palettes (this has happened multiple times to Jim and I). They provide visitors with a book and pencil so we can mark down what we would like. The book has the bottle prices listed which is great.

We both liked this on: The Flying Wine Maker Zinfandel which is only $8.99 a bottle!

This is what I woke up to on Friday 10/28/11.

Seriously Mother Nature?!?!?! It is not even Halloween yet!

I thought this white stuff was going to simply wipe off the windows....NO! It required muscle to scrape off!!!! There is talk about inches of snow falling tonight. Winter sucks! I apologize for the venting, but I had to let it out!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week! ~Val


  1. I love Fall and it is not lasting anywhere near as long as it should. Stay warm.

  2. Wow, what a week! I love those lanyards. I immediately thought of you when I started my new job this year because we have to wear this id badge that also doubles as a key. They've started selling these lanyards in the teacher stores where you can attach the id at the end, but yours are much better. :-)

    Ok, your cat looks guilty, but you know the law: "innocent until proven guilty," but I don't know here... lol

    Does your hubby have a particular recipe for that pizza? I'd love to give it a try.

    And finally I must say, "Wowzers! Snow?!?" It's been quite chilly here and the news forecasters spoke of snow in places in the US, but I was doubtful. Now I know, it's true. Wow!

  3. that picture of Miss Alice cracks me up!!!

    So snow in your neck of the woods ah?? we're in the 80's here in sunny California :)

    cheers for your good week and for the next too! ;)

  4. Hi Val, I like the lanyards, I really like the toad one! I'm loving the fall colors I have been seeing. The pizza looks delish and the wine too!
    I'm glad I live where if it does snow it don't last but a day or two. It is wild that the north east is getting snow so early this year. 2011 has been a crazy year as far as weather goes.

  5. I love this awesome autumn colors!

  6. Hi Val, I second that, winter sucks and it is technically still fall so that really is no fun at all. We've got 2 more years or so till my husband retires and I cannot wait to leave NY and the snow belt area, I grew up in the northeast and needless to say, time for a change for me, enough white stuff.

    Alice is so beautiful!!!

    I love the new lanyards....hope you have a great rest of your weekend.


  7. Hello Val! Love your lanyards. Kitty is definitely guilty, but she looks ridden with guilt - I think she has suffered enough :>)Claudia, I really miss California this time of year - please do not torture me with 80s.....LOL

  8. Love the kitty lanyard and the tree photos :) However, I hope you keep that white stuff to :)

  9. You lanyards are a lot of fun, and that pizza looks great!

    I love the colors of fall and that tree looks wonderful, but I am with you I could live without the raking.

    It's really crazy about the snow, I still can't believe some places got almost 3 feet of snow. I hope this is not a sign of the kind of winter we are going to have.

    Everyday Inspired

  10. Love these lanyards Val, and oh my goodness, that pizza looks so yummy! We got the white stuff too. I do not ever remember getting measurable snow here in October. Hope it is not an indication of things to come!!

  11. hello dear! how are you?
    here snow is not so commom, at least in my region. but I this it's lovely, although very cold! :) and a bit dangerous. be careful!
    loved the look of that pizza! yummy!!!
    and the necklaces are beautiful!
    big hug :)

  12. That pizza looks so good. Your cat is so pretty and guilty too. Have another great week!!

  13. Sorry about the snow, I forgot to mention, that!


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