Saturday, February 4, 2012

This Week's Blog Post

Copper Stamped Pendants
So I played with my metal stamping kit! Here are my first attempts!

These are for my nieces and nephew for Valentine’s Day. I used a heavy duty 20 ounce hammer per a video recommendation watched on metal stamping. What a loud activity this is!!!

Valentine’s Day Cards
Speaking of Valentine’s Day here are my latest Etsy card purchases for the kiddos!

The illustrator is Joy of Sugar Beet Press. I love the whimsy in her work. It just makes you smile! The alien is my favorite!

This butterfly is so cute!!!

How about this big dinosaur holding a little tiny gift! So fun!

This card is great to give to someone with a devilish side!

The Bearded Lady is quite unexpected! It would certainly get some laughs!

Joy also has a sweet selection of baby announcements!

Visit Joy’s website, Etsy shop and blog!

Fruit and Vegetable Curry
Jim and I made a delicious curry. If you like to excite your taste buds, this will do it! We started with 2 chopped potatoes in 1 can of chopped tomatoes, 2 cups of veggie broth and some water.

We added 1.5 teaspoons of ground coriander and ground cumin. We played with the flavor and heat adding cayenne pepper. When the potatoes were almost cooked we added a frozen bag of each chopped squash, peas and cauliflower.

The dish started to dry up a little and we dumped in some red Cote du Rhone that Jim picked up at the store and we did not care for. This way it did not go to waste. Once the veggies were all ready, we added a fresh chopped mango and a chopped apple (with the skin). Before serving we mixed in cashews and jasmine rice.

It was super tasty and prep was really easy using the frozen veggies. So many things can be substituted in this and no recipe is needed! It can be made hot and spicy or mild depending on taste buds. If you attempt something like this I would suggest onions too! Maybe raisins! We strayed far from the original recipe I had which included carrots, fresh ginger root and creamed coconut.

Silly Pet Photos
I am sure these guys are gentle giants but I feel a little nervous for this baby!

This photo is from the Ellen website. If you are a cat person or a dog person you will love these since it is about half and half!!!

Since I am a cat person I am throwing this one it too! The hairy ears are a riot!

Thank you for stopping by and have a great week!!!! ~Val


  1. lol wonderful post! your pendants are great :D

  2. Your stamped pendants are great! Your nieces and nephew will love them...and their cards!
    I love the baby announcements!
    And those pet photos are to die for :)

  3. Stamping pendants might be loud, but does it get rid of stress lol? The cards did indeed give me something to laugh at, she's talented. Your meal looks good and perfect for the winter. Very healthy, too.

  4. The pendants are sweet and I'm sure they'll love them! Will have to check out the cards - they are great and the pet photos had my girls really laughing .. LOVE those!

  5. Love your stamped pendants. I want to try some stamping but the first set of punches I bought have teeny tiny letters! Also love your veggie dish!

  6. Haha - the cat peeking through the opening in the chair is hilarious! Thanks for the laughs!
    Your pendants turned out beautifully - what lovely gifts for your nieces and nephew :)

  7. Hello Val! Stamped pendants are so beautiful... I absoluty like the St. Valentine's cards... here in Catalonia we don't celebrate it as much as in USA, we've a similar day and it's St. Geoger day. (april 23)... but love is love... Hugs and have a nice week-end! Pilar :-)

  8. Love the cat photo! And your pendants are great. Stamping in a straight line isn't easy to do (not for me anyway!)

  9. That looks like an interesting recipe. The mango would give it an unexpected twist.

    Stopping by from Dough, Dirt & Dye

  10. yay for stamping! the pendants look awesome I am sure your nieces and nephew love having you as an auntie!

    I am with you on that photo of that tiny baby next to those BEASTS!!

    Have a great week!

  11. What a fun collection of cards. The illustration are amazing. Your stamped necklace look great. You will get used to the loud noise and it's great for relieving stress.
    Everyday Inspired

  12. Those pendants are lovely :) Great first job. I think the dinosaur card is all kinds of adorable. I should get it for my hubby's birthday :)

  13. Lovely selection as always! Love those necklaces and valentine´s cards!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  14. I love all the work and photos in this post. The Copper Stamped Pendants are beautiful!

  15. Somehow I can't picture you with a hammer (you look so delicate and elegant) but here you are! Great.
    The last picture made me laugh :))

  16. Oh I do love those copper stamped pendents. Looks like fun too. And that curry looks absolutely yummy. Is your hubby vegetarian too?

  17. Your jewelry is amazing and the cards gorgeous ! Great.

  18. Great stamped pendants - they will be cherished, I'm sure! The cards are great, and the animal photos - too funny! And the curry dish, looks so yummy, now I'm hungry!

  19. Love the stamping! What a great addition words will be to your creative projects. The ebay cards were a fun find. That cat makes me smile :)
    Have a great week!

  20. Love these pendants Val. I cannot image what a noisy job it was though!

    This curry looks wonderful to me, especially here where it is so cold today.

    Sending you wishes for a beautiful week ahead!

  21. Yay, pendants look great! And the cards are rly sweet :) I love it all (as usual ;))

  22. What is not to love about this post? That meal looks so delicious that my mouth is watering, yummy!! And those cards are amazing, I love Etsy for great finds! The necklaces look fantastic, I love simple things. And they look kind of rustic too, which only adds to the appeal! Nice work :)

  23. I love the cards Val, just wonderful, will have to visit her ETSY site.

    The photos are amazing too, the baby with the Mastif's...adorable.


    PS...happy weekend to you.


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