Friday, August 10, 2012

This Week's Blog Post

I am posting a day early this week to spend some extra quality time with my man. The weather does not look the greatest but it will not stop us from having a good time! The ebay shop will reopen Saturday evening since packages would not be able to ship until Monday anyway.

Smokey Quartz
Smokey quartz is a gorgeous brown that can vary from light to dark in color.
These beads are mostly dark with the exception of the rondelles. This is a heavy statement piece available at Miss Val’s Creations.
A Ride up The Coast

Jim and I took a ride along the coast on a gorgeous Sunday.
This beach stop was super rocky.  I believe this was in New Hampshire, but could have been Maine.
Talk about difficult to walk on!
People stack rocks here (I have no idea if there is a meaning behind this but it looks cool).

Fair Ride on Wheels
This was just funny. See that odd thing by the toll booth?
Jim and I were on the highway one afternoon and this is what we drove by.
Jim had to catch up to it so I could get pictures!

It was my first time ever seeing a carnival ride being transported! It looks really out of place amongst all the normal vehicles around!
It made for a good laugh!!!

Thank you for stopping by! I wish you all a great week ahead! ~Val


  1. Looks like you had another fabulous outing. Enjoy your weekend.

    And, I usually schedule my posts when my schedule gets crazy. Sometimes I schedule a whole week at a time and I'm not even near my computer. It's a time saver for sure. :-)

  2. Oh those rocks are so gorgeous! I have a major thing for rocks which is probably why I have such a thing for beads.

    It must have felt good to get out there and be by the water.Have a great weekend!

  3. did you add to the rock stack?
    and it is getting time for some local fairs so you'll probably see more rides on the road. heehee

    1. Hi Debbi, We did not stack any rocks but next time we go by there we will leave our mark!

  4. Enjoy your weekend! The rocks for sure look cool and interesting, great pictures!

  5. gorgeous smokey color dress up any outfit!!
    your photos are so interesting! i have never seen rocks stacked like fun!!
    enjoy your weekend!

  6. Have a great weekend!
    Those rock formations look so cool and I love the little seashells peeking out too :)
    That ride does look out of place!

  7. Oh my, that would make for a good laugh. And that's a cool photo of the rocky beach with shells mixed in!

  8. Enjoy the weekend with your man :)! You guys really do get out and about quite a bit, and what a pretty view along the coast. Love your smoky quartz necklace - so beautiful.

  9. Oh wow.. I like the photos you made on the beach :)

  10. What a lovely short trip! That spot at the beach with the rocks is beautiful.

  11. Hi Val, enjoy your time with Jim. Your ride to the coast is lovely, your pictures of the ocean area just beautiful. Have a great time away together.


  12. What a sight that carnival ride being transported! I hope you are having a wonderful time!

  13. Hi Val ;o) Love your smokey quartz necklace! That's one stone I forgot to get when I went to the Rockhound! Next year ;o) I love your pictures of the coast! Amazing! I want to go ;o) The carnival ride was very funny! Hope you are having a great weekend ;o) Hugs ;o)

  14. The rocky beach is really beautiful. We don't have beaches like that here. I love that you just HAD to take photos of that ride. It must have been fun to see that on the road.

  15. I love rocky beaches and that looks like it was a fun one to walk on, and the stacked rocks looked really cool. Your smoky quartz necklace is beautiful.
    Everyday Inspired

  16. i definitely love where you living. so many beautiful natures! loving all those different shapes of rocks!

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  17. Thank you soooo much!! I´m happy that you like my posts :)
    xoxo Lola

  18. I love your smoky quartz necklace!!! beautiful photos!!!
    Have a good week!!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  19. i love black accs!!!and the rest of pics are so cool too! love them!!

  20. The stacked rocks are fabulous! I also love your necklace, it is very alluring.

  21. Beautiful necklace, Val! I think it would be perfect for fall/winter, and unfortunately that's not too far away. :-(

    I've only seen this once (carnival ride being transported), and it was a strange site indeed. Kinda scary if you have to pass it on a highway I would imagine!

    I love all of those rocks. Sure made for some wonderful textures in your photographs of them.

    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  22. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
    Material Fixations


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