Saturday, October 20, 2012

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Multi Gemstone Necklace                                   
My favorite thing to do with gemstone beads is mix them all up with no rhyme or reason! Here is my latest based at that style. This is a 33.5 inch necklace that can be worn as 1 strand or doubled up for the look of 2!
The toggle can be worn off to the side for a different look as well. The beads include various agate, jasper, lava stone, onyx, marble, pink opal and more! Available at MissVal’s Creations.
This is an Autumn inspired post. Although I have not had a chance to leaf peep this year I did take a few photos around town.
It was a sunny morning when I took some time to smell the roses…so to speak! The foliage was reflecting on the Spicket River beautifully.
The burning bushes are burning!
I love pine needle covered ground!
There were fall tone ladybugs mulling about my house this past week…inside and out. This little guy was on the siding.
So many people in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine experienced a first this past week and that was a magnitude 4.0 earthquake which is considered moderate! Its epicenter was in Maine. I have lived in MA my entire life (almost 40 years) and have never felt the ground move this way!!! The house shook for an extended period of time like a massive freight train was coming through the house!!!! That noise that accompanied this was quite unpleasant as well!  I am guessing it was silent outside but inside you hear everything vibrating. While this was happening it was a total paranoia moment as I had no clue what was going on…was the house going to blow up, is a plane crashing, is it Armageddon, etc.?
After it stopped I looked outside and things looked ok. At that point I realized it must have been an earthquake! My neighbors next door were outside so I opened the window and shouted out “did you guys feel that”? Well that confirmed that it was an earthquake and we would all be fine. This also gave me comfort that I was not the only one freaked out! I will be perfectly content never feeling an earthquake again! Funny thing about this was that many people felt nothing. So strange. I guess it depends on where you are and if you are inside or outside.

Leaving you with my rose. The roses have gone to flower heaven. I took this photo at their end. This was the perfect bloom. I love how the petals changed color with some purple edges. It even maintained its velvety feel when the ends were starting to brown!
Have a wonderful autumn week!!! ~Val


  1. oh Val! glad you're ok. Earthquakes are awful! We lived in SF for 15 years, and had our share. I never got used to it. And I was in NYC last year when we had the one (epicenter was DC). My building is an old brick on in the garment district and that is the worse! best is a wood frame house as it gives with the quake. Our building was 'rocking and rolling' with lights swinging all over the place. I jumped up and out of there ASAP.

    LOVE the necklace - so pretty with all those stones ... you're own version of bead soup - ha!

    And such pretty Fall pics, and your rose is a beauty. That is one of the things I miss about my SF garden - we had so many roses.

    1. Now I am glad I was in my wood framed house rather than my office building! It must feel so much more scary being the city!

  2. Oh my goodness - I'm glad you're okay, Val!! I hope there wasn't any damage to your house. Our area gets earthquakes infrequently, but the last time it happened I was in bed at the time and the whole bed moved. Scary.
    What a fun necklace! Love the variety of beads you used! The Fall pictures are gorgeous, especially the rose :)

  3. Earthquakes are awful, when the ground is shaking it feels never ending. Here in California we are waiting for the big one :/ Praying to God it never comes!!

    That colorful necklace is beautiful.

    1. It is scary to think about a big one. There is a massive fault in the Boston area too and we are expective a huge one someday. Our buildings are not made to withstand it. I just hope it is after I am gone!

  4. Our leaves have changed and it's beautiful to see the glowing oranges and reds. Glad your earthquake was a small one. I've experienced a few tremors over the years- it's weird to hear the earth make that noise.

  5. O my, thank goodness you're fine -- what an experience! Your pictures are lovely.

  6. Your photos are so inspiring---berries, burning bush, pines, dusty orange ladybug, and a beautiful necklace :-)
    Glad no damage resulted in the quake. What a surreal experience that must have been!

  7. Love your colorful necklace!
    We have very mild earthquakes once or twice a year (the ones I realize). We overslept them when they are at night or I hear the glasses quietly jingling in the cupboard. Good you are all ok.

  8. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad that you were ok. I've not experienced and earthquake and I do not wish to either. Very scary, but I'm glad you are safe.

    The fall photos are gorgeous. I particular love the horizontal one (next to last photo before the "burning bush" photos) showing the beautiful reflection of the leaves in the water. Stunning!

  9. Hi Val, ow my goodness, an earthquake. I have never experienced one. Glad you are all ok ...that must have been freaky and terrifying all at the same time.

    I love your necklace and the variety of pretty. Have a great week (earthquake free this time.)


  10. Such beautiful photos! I'd like to plant burning bushes in front of our pretty in the fall!
    Ugh...and we have those darn bugs too!

  11. Beautiful photos - loving the autumn leaves!

  12. I'm glad the earthquake didn't cause damage. Earthquakes can be discomforting! I love your necklace, it could go with so many different things. Also, beautiful fall photos, your ones with reflections and the rose are especially beautiful.

  13. Hey Val! This is my second time commenting. Don't know where my comments are going to? LOL! I love your necklace! Beautiful! And, I love your Autumn photo's! Earthquake?? WOw!!! I am happy no one was hurt! Love the rose! Gorgeous colors! Hope you had a great weekend!

  14. Great pictures!
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    Thank you,

    Ali :)

  15. the rose is beautiful!

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  16. Love this necklace, Val. The colors are wonderful for this time of year.
    I smile as I read about the earthquake last week. My son is not afraid of much, but earthquakes definitely scare him, and he was on the phone to me within minutes after it happened. He was not a happy person for sure!

    Love your autumn photographs. It seems that the leaves are staying on the trees a bit longer this year. No complaints from me!

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

    1. Too funny with your son Lisa! It really is scary when you have never experienced it before!

  17. Beautiful autumn colors! I love stones necklace!
    I hope you are well...
    Have a good week!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  18. Your necklace is so beautiful. I love all the colors in it. Autumn is all over the place in your neck of the woods. I go to a very special place with special trees to see all those Autumn colors! :) That's what I have to do since I live in the desert.

  19. The necklace is so pretty Val. It reminds me of fall.

    The burning bush looks amazing! All your fall pictures are beautiful!

    The earthquake in Massachusetts reminds me of the one we had here in Jersey. My husband and I did not feel a thing. We were in the kitchen. My boys were upstairs and felt it and came runner down telling us the house was shaking. My husband just kept saying sure it was. Like he did not believe them. lol
    I then saw it on the news and said the kids were right. The house did shake :)

  20. what some beautiful neckleces!!! and it looks really beautiful up there!!

  21. The earthquake sounds really scary! I live in the Midwest and we had one a couple years ago in the middle of the night, our bed lifted off the ground, so I know what you mean about being freaked out. I love you autumn photos. This is my favorite time of year and it has been really cool to see what autumns look like in different parts of the country. I love your mixed up bead necklace. Those are my favorite kind of pieces.
    Everyday Inspired

  22. Love that necklace - reminds me of an afghan I made for my son - I had a bunch of balls of yarn very small to sml/med, I just reached in the box and used what ever I pulled out - turned out really nice!
    Those nature pictures are great! Glad to know I'm not the only one to take pics of pine needle covered ground!
    Earthquakes are scary! Happy to hear it wasn't a bad one!

  23. Gorgeous pictures! I love the necklace. So chic!


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