Saturday, December 1, 2012

This Week's Blog Post

Agate Eyeglass Chains
I came across these great multi agate beads that would make fun, beautiful eyeglass chains. So I made 1 in gold and 1 in silver! Available at Miss Val’s Creations.

Festival of Trees
The Methuen Festival of Trees is in full swing again! I took these photos in dim lighting with a flash which probably comes out better than taking the photos when they are lit!
I have not seen Frankenweenie yet but love Tim Burton and really want to see it!
More Tim Burton! Remember a Nightmare Before Christmas?
The Festival takes place in the building where I work. It is open to the public on nights and weeks. 200 Christmas trees are lit up when it is open.
Anyone can donate a tree to be raffled off. Each raffle winner takes the tree they won along with any goodies that come with it!
Awards are given for things such as best tree topper, best tree skirt, best theme etc.
 You can tell who is going for which award! The toppers and tree skirts can be really amazing.
Each year in the center of the building is a super creative tree created by a local hairstylist. The use of materials is always really cool. 
Of course the photo does not do it justice. It is really amazing lit up with twinkling lights.

Those of you in the US are probably familiar with New Balance sneakers. Their factory is in a city next to mine.
There is a store at the factory where I purchase my sneakers for a small fraction of retail! Well this is their tree. It shows how creative people get. A tree is not necessarily a tree!!! I did not read what comes with this one but my guess is a serious gift card.
The Festival is organized by the Methuen Historical Society and the proceeds go to maintaining historical buildings like the ones I have been showing. The Festival gets bigger each year so they now donate to local towns as well. There is tons of history in the area where I live so it is wonderful to see such a successful, entertaining fundraiser for these sites!
I will be back next week with more festive fun! Have a great week everyone! ~Val


  1. Pretty beads!
    And all those trees are amazing! And they all go to such a great cause!

  2. Your festival of trees looks wonderful Val.
    We have one of those here too, and I am so looking forward to it.
    I love the eyeglass chain!
    Cheerful colors.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  3. I love those multi-coloured beads!
    The festival of trees sounds like an amazing event! The shoe box one is very creative :)
    hope you're enjoying your weekend so far!

  4. The agate eyeglass chain is so pretty-i love all those colors mixed together-it is so bright and happy :-)
    How fortunate are you to have those trees in your building?! What a great way to get into the season and spread some joy and some funds around in the community! How cool would it be to have a Tim Burton inspired tree?!

  5. I really love the agates Val - so pretty! and what a festive post! I haven't quite gotten to pulling out the decorations ... maybe next weekend! Have a great week!!

  6. i love the colors in it sooo beautiful!!! oh oh oh chritsmas time... i'm looking forward to go home and spend these days with my family :)

  7. It's that time of year again! These are really unique trees.

  8. Hi Val, happy holiday season to you. (can you really believe that turkey day is over and Christmas is on the way...I cannot)

    The festival of trees looks pretty awesome, I especially love these displays because I am not a big decorator myself so I love to see what other people and organizations do. I enjoyed seeing the pretty decorations you are showing.

    Best of luck with your very lovely new eyeglass chains...they should do well for the holiday season. Have a great and creative week.


  9. I loved that new balance tree, that is creativity as it fullest! We saw Frankenweenie a couple of weeks ago but I didn't like the it :( I do like Nightmare before Christmas though and most of Tim Burton's movies.

  10. I love all the cool ideas for the trees and I love the decorations! Fantastic and all for a great cause! Your eyeglass chain is stunning! Have a great week ;o)

  11. the fun of decorating trees! i miss that!

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  12. I've never had a tree of course but so enjoy seeing them. There's something so special about them. Thanks for sharing the ones you saw.

  13. Lovely eye glasses lanyard. And what a cool thing to have in your own building!

  14. Great chain!
    Have yourself a wonderful week!

  15. I know you have a lovely garden Miss Val! Thanks for your words ;)

  16. What fun that must be to see all those amazing and creative trees. Your new eyeglass chain is pretty cool, I love all the colors.
    Everyday Inspired

  17. Happy december!!! beautiful post!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  18. What a wonderful festival, I love all of the trees, some are so creative! I think your eyeglass holder is beautiful. It looks very functional and yet has so much artistry at the same time.


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