Saturday, March 16, 2013

This Week's Blog Post!

New Lanyard
I love receiving someone's trash to re-purpose! My mom's friend had some broken costume jewelry pieces to do whatever I want with them. In the bag were these fun purple plastic beads!
The rest of the strand is beaded with hemalyke and metal to give it some nice weight. It has a gorgeous look because those purple beads shine! This is available at Miss Val's Creations.

These sweet Easter cards are from Sentimentalist on Etsy which I got for my nieces and nephew.
Last year I gave them each handmade journals which they immediately starting doodling in. So I thought I would get them journals again so they can have some creative fun! (this may become an annual thing)

These are from Renewed Intent on Etsy. The journals are made from old books and game boards. So fun!
This first one is for the oldest who will be 11. It is made from an old spelling book from 1879! So cool. Parts of the book have been put in the journal! 
My nephew will be receiving this journal made from the Star Wars Monopoly game board!!!
My youngest niece will be receiving this adorable journal. The entire book is in this one at the beginning and end of the journal so she can also read it!

My free gift is made out of a Little Golden Book (yes I will be keeping this for myself!). Remember those?

Have a wonderful week everyone! Thank you for stopping by! ~Val


  1. Yes, I remember Little Golden Books too although, judging from your photo, I am considerably older than you!

  2. That upcycled lanyard looks wonderful! I love those big purple beads! Gifting a journal is a great idea. I always got one for my birthday when I was a child :)
    Happy weekend, Val!

  3. Val, this lanyard is wonderful! Such a great color.

    I think the journals are a fantastic idea, and they are beautiful. I think I still have some of my Little Golden Books!

    Have a wonderful weekend, and a great beginning to your week.

  4. Love those purple beads! You really did them justice on your lanyard.
    And those journals are so cute. I love the bunny book :)

  5. Ooh, my boys would love the Monopoly journal! You are a wonderful Aunt!

  6. What a lovely idea to have journals made from damaged old books and games. And a great job with the upcycled beads - what a very eco-conscious post!

  7. Your post was all about rebirth! ♥
    The lanyard is a nice pop of colors. Have a great week!

  8. Hi Val,
    That is a beautiful lanyard. You always find the most wonderful cards and journals. I am sure your nephews and niece will enjoy their journals. I too remember Little Golden Books I also read them to my Son. I like the new picture of you.

  9. I, too, remember the Little Golden books and I'm quite a bit older as well. They've been around a looooong time! Love the purple beaded lanyard and I love the idea of giving journals to youngsters, especially the upcycled ones from old books and games. Even if they only doodle in them, eventually, it will become second nature to add other things. Which reminds me, I need to write something in mine. It's been way too long.

  10. What a lovely necklace! Recycling is a wonderful thing, it allows you to make wonderful creations. Love this color.
    And gifts are great. Kids will be thrilled.

    Have a nice day!

  11. Those journals are do fun, what lucky nieces and nephew you have. I bet they look forward to receiving them every year. I love your new lanyard, those purple beads are very cool.
    Everyday Inspired

  12. I love your re-purposed creation! Excellent!! Your items you got from Etsy are fantastic! Sorry I don't remember little Golden Books? Maybe I didn't have them in my area? I hope you are having a Happy St. Patrick's Day ;o)

  13. Somebody's trash becomes somebody's treasure!! Those journal are fun, I love giving gifts that will get a good use, I am sure your nieces and nephews will enjoy then :)

    Have a nice week :)

  14. Hi Val,

    I really love the purple and your really unusual pieces, so pretty.

    I think that is a really nice gift for nieces and you nephew, I never had a journal as a kid but I think it is a lovely idea. I hope you have a wonderful week. I'm off to go shovel snow now, joy of joys....LOL


  15. That lanyard is so pretty! These journals are so cool! What a great idea~with hidden treasures inside :-) I remember the Golden Books...Loved them! I think I still have some in the attic.

  16. Oh, the lanyard is lovely -- that purple is such a sweet, delicate shade. Those journals will be a hit I'm sure; my own kids have a strange fascination with journals -- they can never seem to have enough!

  17. Hi Val! What a pretty lanyard! I like the look of the shinny grey with the purple - very rich color .. and those books are so fun! I'll have to check out their site - thanks for the post

  18. Hi Val :)
    just wanted to let you know that YOU are the lucky winner of my aqua rose necklace! Yay! Congrats!
    Please let me know your mailing address via my email duni.buesken(at) so that I can pack up your prize and ship it to you!

  19. Popping in from FB and LinkedIn...thank you for being in touch there, will now follow your blog too. It's great, with a mix of creations, vintage and pretty pics...all things I love!


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