Saturday, March 23, 2013

This Week's Blog Post

Rose Quartz and Shell Necklace

This is my latest necklace! The shells are called green everlasting curly shells. I love the soft pink of their insides so I placed them so that side shows more than the opposite which is more brown and green. The rose quartz is so pretty with them!
The freeform wire pendant was one I showed on my blog a while back. I thought I wanted to do more with it but over time I just liked it as is! When making the necklace I realized it needed something to tie into the strand, hence 2 little rose quart beads dangling! This piece is available at Miss Val’s Creations.

Chocolate Fondue

This was Jim and my first chocolate fondue experience together. So fun!!! We melted various high quality chocolate bars together. 

We chopped up the delicious fruits.


Mmmm! The orange was both our favorites!

Jim had the brilliant idea of pouring the leftover chocolate (it was so rich that there was tons left) onto nut clusters to create turtle like treats without the caramel. 
 A relatively healthy candy! These were kept in the freezer and were perfectly edible right out of it!
They did not freeze solid and kept for almost a month in there until all eaten! I look forward to playing with chocolate again. 


Does anyone use Wanelo? I am curious if it seems like a good social networking tool or not. I see it mentioned here and there in forums by Etsy users. So I started playing with it and have a whopping 1 follower! Like most social media, this is fun too. It is nowhere near as fun as Pinterest though!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you all have a great week ahead!!!  ~Val


  1. Delicious post! Stunning necklace! And I must admit I never ever had chocolate fondue but always wanted to taste one and it looks so yummy.

  2. Your necklace is Gorgeous!!! Those shells are fantastic and your freeform is so cool.
    Chocolate have my mouth watering! What a great idea for the leftover chocolate. I have Lindt Chili Chocolate every day. Just a little :-)

  3. What a stunning necklace, Val! Those shells are unique!
    Yummy chocolate fondue. I love the Lindt chocolates :)
    I've heard of Wanelo, but I don't think I'll be adding another social media site anytime soon. FB and Twitter take up so much time already ;-)
    have a great weekend,
    Duni :)

  4. Mmmm, chocolate fondu! Looks like you enjoy the super-dark chocolate.

  5. What a cool necklace! Love those shells.
    And the nut clusters look so tasty!

  6. I'll eat most anything covered in chocolate! lol
    I am on wanelo
    and I'm following you now...It's not as easy to navigate as pinterest, but it is another place for links... :0)

  7. A frozen chocolate covered banana was a treat from my childhood, and chocolate orange is soooo good. Your necklace is a real attention getter, wow. I haven't looked at Wanelo, hope you get lots of lookers and buyers if you keep your toe in another online pool.

  8. Oh my! Chocolate covered fruit looks good, I love chocolate as long as is not dark. I love the little pink beads and the shells combination.

    I've never heard of Wanelo before.

    Have a nice weekend!

  9. I love your necklace with the funky pendant! As soon as I saw it in your shop, I had to put it in my favs ;o) Chocolate fondue and chocolate more perfect can it be ;o) Have a great weekend ;o)

  10. waooo that look so yummy!!!!!!! and i love the shells necklace!

  11. Hi Val,

    I just love this necklace, it is gorgeous. Your newest creations are so creative, love them.

    Ow fondue, haven't done that in the longest time but would be fun to try again, I remember it being very delicious.

    I hope you have a great week.


  12. Chocolate fondue sounds like it was a lot of fun, and using the leftover chocolate and making turtles was such a great idea. Your new necklace is very funky.
    Everyday Inspired

  13. Beautiful beads, I love the green and soft pink combination.
    I've never tried a chocolate fondue but it does look rather delicious :D

  14. Long time since the last visit... That's the reason I try to stick on where I am, if not getting lost between social networks, my projects, surfing and searching, etc.

    And your necklace is gorgeous!!!

  15. The necklace is adorable! It looks very subtle. The colors and shapes are so lovely!
    This game with chocolate and fruit looks so fun and delicious!

  16. Hi Val, Love your necklace and those shells are gorgeous. Love the added hanging wire accent with beads. All your creations are beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing the fruit dipped treats. The turtles look so yummy and a healthy snack.

    I have not visited or heard of the site you share.

    Thank you for stopping by while I was spending time with my family visiting. They left now and I am exhausted. LOL
    Have a wonderful week.

  17. Have been on Wanelo pretty much from the start. Have had a couple of sales that I can directly attribute to Wanelo. I use it mainly to establish those backlinks that Google likes so much. Just followed you.

    Does your post ever look luscious, both the necklace and the fondue!

  18. The shells look so pretty and I have given up chocolate for lent, not long to go until I can eat it!

  19. Your Jim is a smart fellow with the chocolate!
    My cat died this past Friday and I;ve been enjoying the therapeutic use of chocolate ever since :)

    The shells remind me of the shells used on Jingle dresses! So pretty.

  20. Oh yum! That fondue looks divine. And a great idea to freeze the leftovers!

  21. So pretty! Something a Tahitian princess might wear, or a mermaid!

  22. So pretty! I just LOVE those shells!! I am so sorry that I've been so busy lately and haven't been visiting my favorite blogs as much as I'd like! I'm hoping that changes soon!

  23. Lovely necklace! You should have just eaten that yummy chocolate instead of spoiling it with fruit. *blah* Okokok---- this is why YOUR skinny... and I'm fat.... lol okokokok, eat your darn fruit with your chocolate! *wink*


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