Saturday, April 13, 2013

This Week's Blog Post

Mother of Pearl Necklace
This one screams summer to me!!! 

The stick beads are dyed mother of pearl. I just love the turquoise and green together! I used turquoise magnesite in between each. This pretty piece is available at Miss Val’s Creations.

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie
I know this is a cold weather dish, but it has not quite warmed up fully in my neck of the woods (although this coming week is looking warm)! Vegetarian shepherd’s pie is fun to make and can accept so many different substitutes!

For this one we started sautéing summer squash, mushrooms and carrots.
Then added lite soy sauce, freeze dried chives, black pepper and olive oil as needed to create a delicious gravy to taste.
So simple.
We whipped up some mashed potatoes. We always leave the skin on for extra nutrition.
We mixed in corn when putting the veggies in the casserole dish.
Then the mashed potatoes were spread on top along with shredded cheddar for extra pizzazz. We baked it until the cheese started browning a little.
MMMM! Ok, it does not look pretty, but boy does it taste delicious! Amazing comfort food…vegetarian and gluten free style!!!!
These are my mini crocuses that bloom next to my driveway.
This sweet mystery flower is blooming next to them.
Thank you for stopping by! Have a marvelous spring week!  ~Val


  1. O yes, it does scream summer, and mermaids and deep sea treasure! And vegetarian shepherd's pie? I hope you saved some for me!

  2. Oh yes, your new necklace perfectly conveys the summer feeling! Great colour! Yum, veggie shepherd's pie - must make a note of this. Leaving the skin on the potatoes is a great idea! Love the photo of you btw :)
    happy weekend,

  3. that necklace is georgeous! and it looks like your mystery flower is a type of lily. very pretty.

  4. Oh, Val, that necklace is gorgeous!!! It reminds me of the book, "Island of the Blue Dolphins." The shepherd's pie does look delicious and I know it was yummy too. :-)

  5. Love the color of that necklace, all ready for summer! And the pie looks delicious ... I have been trying to eat vegetarian more ;)

  6. Definitely a lovely mix of seasons there - summery necklace and wintery pie - both equally delicious!

  7. The necklace is awesome! love that color and those stick beads are so cool! your Shepard's pie looks so delicious and I'm sure you don't miss the meat at all! your flowers are coming in - yeah spring! our daffodils are coming in and hyacinth! love this time of year.

  8. Crocus has always been one of my favourite flowers. The Aboriginal name for them means "the ears of the earth" because they come up early and listen to see if Spring has arrived.

  9. This Shepherd's Pie looks so yummy! We are still eating comfort food too, but I am longing for a back-yard grilled tuna filet! :-)

    Love this necklace, Val, and indeed it would be perfect for summer!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  10. That necklace is stunning, so vibrant.

    I think I need to come for dinner at your house too!

  11. I've only recently started leaving the potato skins on mashed potatoes and nobody complained so I was happy! That does look like a tasty recipe.

    I was wondering were your pretty flowers were?

    Have a lovely week!!

  12. Hi Val,
    Gorgeous necklace I have often wondered what design would look good with those long shell dagers now I know! Yummy I am not a vegitarian, but I do love vegetables. Those flowers are beautiful! Could the other one be a wild Crocus?

  13. Hi Val,

    Ow, I cannot tell you how much I love that necklace, it is just so eye catching and stunning. Your designs keep getting better and better. Cannot wait for my bracelet to arrive , I think it should come tomorrow. I may have to ask you to make a set of earrings that go with that bracelet.

    Glad your blooms are starting up there. Enjoy spring.

    by the way, love your new profile picture, it looks beautiful.


  14. I can't believe you just posted about shepherds pie! My mom said to me, Stacy, I feel like Shepherds pie tomorrow! LOL! I think that's too funny! I love your necklace! Very pretty! Beautiful flowers ;o) We should have some coming up this week, hopefully ;o)

  15. I forgot to say, your new profile picture is really pretty!

  16. Love the turquoise and green necklace, and shepherds pie - yummy! We make it often here. It's a great meal for everyone!

  17. You're right...that necklace is ready for summer!
    And your flowers are so pretty :)

    Shepherd's pie sounds so yummy right now!

  18. DEEE-licious!!! this looks like something i could make on my own and it would satisfy everyone! you guys really do eat well :-) the necklace is beautiful...reminds me of being on water. those warm days will be here soon.

  19. The bulbs haven't popped up yet, but finally, the forsythia has turned yellow. Spring is on its way. The Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie looks delicious. The necklace is vibrant and perfect for a white tee, and would look great in the winter against some sweaters. Have a great week!

  20. Oh those flowers at the end of the post are just gorgeous!!!

  21. Love your necklace, great colors!! Lucky you to have flowers, they are so pretty. I can't wait for it to warm up here in the Midwest so we can just get some leaves on our trees. You vegetarian shepherd's pie looks very tasty, the perfect comfort food for Spring.
    Everyday Inspired


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