Monday, August 12, 2013


Calcite Bracelet
 Calcite has always been a favorite of mine for its color. Some pieces have a lot of white milkiness which is beautiful. This bracelet is available at Etsy.

Jim and I took a ride up to Newburyport, MA on a Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago.
The downtown has tons of open space for strolling.
It is full of shops and eateries. While most are mom and pops, that is a Starbucks straight ahead!
Lot of antiquing!

If you don't have an Orange Leaf  near you I am so sorry! These are frozen yogurt shops that are less than a couple of years old in my area. I have no idea where they originated from but the concept is brilliant!

You get your cup and fill it with whatever soft serve flavor you would like. Mix, match, whatever! They even pair up flavors so they come out in a swirl! 

Then there is a massive toppings bar with the typical to non typical toppings! They charge by the weight!
We did skip the yogurt that day and went for The Grog instead. This pub has a delicious menu with an insane black bean and sweet potato burrito that is to die for!!!
We stopped in a great place with awesome stuff from the past.
This is an Annalee doll of Bob Cratchit from a Christmas Carol.  If you are not familiar with these I believe they were all handcrafted in Meredith, NH back in the day. When I looked on their website I was sad to see that it appears they are now made in China (although still designed here). 
We strolled the boardwalk too!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful summer week. It is crazy that summer is already getting close to an end! ~Val


  1. what a cute town! looks like so much fun :) and the stone in the bracelet is really beautiful - what a pretty piece!

  2. Hi Val :)
    I love the milky colours of that stone! Very eyecatching!
    The town you visited looks lovely! Black bean and sweet potato burrito sounds delicious! Glad you had a nice day out and hope your eyes are all healed now!

  3. Antiquing and good eats -- sounds like the perfect day!

  4. Val, this bracelet is beautiful!

    I just love Newburyport, and you have wonderfully captured so much of its character here.

    That burrito sounds sooooo yummy.

    Wishing you a great week ahead!

  5. Newburyport looks lovely and I like the sound of that frozen yoghurt!
    I love the lemony/cream colour of the calcite too.

  6. What a excellent adventure you had! I love the pictures and now I am ready to go to the pub too ;o) LOL! Love the bracelet ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  7. That looks like a wonderful day, and such a cute town! The burrito sounds like a dream - all my favorites in one.

  8. awww, what a wonderful way to spend a day...I've been wanting to do a walk about town here but the weather has either been HOT OR RAINY, no good for strolling.

  9. The bracelet's color is very pretty. I am sure you had a great time at Newburyport, looks like a lovely town I wouldn't mind walking those streets one day. As far as that black bean and sweet potato burrito it sounds very interesting.

    I agree with you on the craziness of Summer coming to an end, where did it go really?

  10. Wow lovely bracelet!!! nice place!
    Have a good week, dear Val!!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  11. What a fun day! I love places like this with little shops of all kinds :)

  12. Pretty bracelet! Cute shops, we have a yogurt place like that called "Cherry on Top". They have a flavor called Natural "Tart" also Salted Carmel which are my favorites ;)

  13. The trip looks like lots of fun. I always like to walk through downtowns. The burrito sounds delish too!

  14. That bracelet is so pretty; elegant and casual at the same time. The stones look good enough to eat lol!

  15. Wow, such a pretty bracelet!! The beads look like milk sweets :D

  16. that christmas carol is cute~!

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  17. Again I will and Jim pick the best places to visit! That yogurt shop does sound amazing. Never heard of one of those like that before. p.s. Hope your eye is getting better each day!


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