Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Rose Quartz Necklace and Rhody Art

Rose Quartz Necklace
It has been ages since I made a necklace using a chandelier finding for the focal piece. They always look so feminine! This rose quartz beauty is available at Etsy.

Rhody Art
I met Lin of Rhody Art through an Etsy New England team. Her collages and mixed media work always brought a smile to my face and I finally decided to treat myself!

I chose "Dreamer" since she suits me. I have all sorts of dreams that I intend to make happen (some are impossible unless I hit the lottery).
I also received this whimsical bookmark which is very much Lin's style! The woman's quote reads "she wished he'd just leave". Too funny.
She pairs vintage prints with various other materials to create one of a kind pieces. I love this one:
Each listing has a humorous description. "Samantha has been dating her lover Samuel for several years. He's just asked her to marry him but it means a move to Nepal. She hates cold weather and mountains. In addition, her parents have never approved of the relationship. She loves him madly though--what on earth is she going to do?"

Lin also makes greeting cards like this one which is perfect for your naughty friend. 
"In this whimsical greeting, Candace looks very sweet but behind that angelic exterior is a devil may care, adventurous young woman. She won't tell anyone what she's up to--she'll keep them guessing."

Fridge magnets will give you a chuckle each day.
"Dagobert is always frustrated by his sweetheart's refusal to douse herself in Arrid Extra Dry. It's been a losing battle so far."

Christmas will be here before we know it!
"No one wants coal in their stocking at Christmas and this bad boy has the bad luck of always getting some. Poor man."

I love the unexpected statements.
"Bruno has always wanted to be a professional wrestler. But he's not interested in the WWE or clownish professional wrestlers. He wants to do greco-roman wrestling and doesn't understand why it isn't more popular."

This is one of my favorites:
"One mustn't ask what Freda and Jonathan have been up to. Perhaps they had a bit too much fun at a party. In any event, as they stagger home Jonathan helps Freda toddle along. They support each other, just as they promised to do when they married years ago."

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse of Rhody Art. Next time you are looking for something whimsical for yourself or someone else, check out Rhody Art on Etsy. Like on Facebook.

Well thank you for stopping. I wish you all well!!! ~Val


  1. I've always loved rose quartz! The chandelier pendant is beautiful, Val!
    The collage is very special and suits you! Funny bookmark too :)

  2. Rhody Art is so whimsical -- thanks for introducing me to it!

  3. The jewelry is beautiful and I just love the bookmark! It's hard to believe Christmas is approaching so quickly! Where does the time go? :) Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day!

  4. These are hysterical! The Naughty Girl made me laugh~she looks anything but...hehehehehe ;-)
    The rose quartz is beautiful and so feminine. Hope you are having a great summer, Val!

  5. beautiful necklace! and those cards are too funny!

  6. Love your necklace! The cards are cute ;)

  7. Val, thanks so much for the article -- I'm so glad you saw some things that made you laugh! Sometimes I'm writing down those things in public and they make me laugh out loud. People sort of give me odd looks and move away

  8. I love the little pendant with the dangling beads. Those cards are very cute! I hope you day you hit the lottery so that you can make your dreams come true!

  9. The necklace is lovely, and your shop is too - just faved both :)

    RhodyArt is brilliant - just like the mastermind!

  10. Wonderful shout out to RhodyArt! Well done!

  11. Nice necklace, and lovely cards!
    Have a good week dear Val!

    Besos desde España, Marcela♥

  12. This necklace is wonderful, Val. It looks so delicate.

    I love what you chose from Rhody Art too! Off to check out the other goodies. thank you for sharing the link here.

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  13. Such a pretty rose quartz piece!
    And a lovely feature for this week. That deodorant one made me giggle!

  14. Lovely necklace! So feminine, with a Victorian elegance :) And yes, stranger "friend" requests are just plain weird. Yet it does imply that they are often accepted, which is even weirder!

  15. The chandelier paired with the pink is beautiful!
    And I love Lin's sense of humor...her pieces are great!

  16. Hi Val,

    Beautiful and unique necklace you have created....love it. Enjoy your new piece of art. Hope you are enjoying summer.


  17. Hey Val ;o) Hope everything is well my friend ;o) I love your necklace! I love rose quartz!
    Thanks so much for introducing us to Rhody Art! I love her stuff! I can't stop laughing! Excellent!!!
    Big Hugs ;o)

  18. Love your new necklace and the Rhody Art shop is so much fun! Thank you for stopping by my blog. You definitely have a new follower!

  19. Great feature -- she has quite the sense of humor! Love the wrestler -- they always had those handlebar moustaches!

  20. That necklace is lovely! And Rhody Art's work is delightful!

  21. Rhody Art's work is great really love the quirkiness of it x

  22. those are awesome art pieces

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  23. Love that wry humor of hers! Your necklace is beautiful. Hope you have a good week :)

  24. That rose quartz necklace set is so beautiful. Very classy!

  25. I love Lin's work, it's so whimsical! Thanks for sharing. The rose quartz necklace with the chandelier focal drop is lovely.
    Everyday Inspired


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