Monday, November 4, 2013

Mount Auburn Cemetary

Rose Quartz Necklace
This love necklace is made up of rose quartz with a subtle heart stamped into the focal point.
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Mount Auburn Cemetery
Jim and I got to do some leaf peeping at the Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA.
This charming place of rest is full of trees from all over the world!

My favorite in the Fall is always the sugar maple like this one below. My parents have one like it in their front yard that passers by stop and photograph each year!

I had to look up the Scots' Charitable Society. It is the oldest charitable organization in the Western Hemisphere dating back to 1657. This is a gated area that does not appear to have any burials within. It is a little mysterious!

Here is the Boston skyline!
That rounded structure towards the front is Harvard Stadium.
Yup, we hiked this tower. I only made it to the first level. It was dissying walking the spiral staircase upward!

This is Story Chapel. We have not been inside here yet....maybe next time!

I hope you enjoyed this foliage tour of the cemetery. If you ever make a trip to the Boston area I would highly recommend this visit. It is open year round and free of charge!!!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a fantastic week ahead. ~Val


  1. Looks like a perfect autumn day! There's nothing better than kicking through a big pile of dry leaves, is there?

  2. Hello,Val:
    Beautiful,very delicate necklace.Fine composition of metal elements and beads.

    Your foliage is also wonderful.Fantastic Autumn in Boston;the cemetery,located in peaceful and nice area.Lovely skyline of the city.
    I've been to the US four times-I fly almost every second year for my vacations,but mostly to the NYC and Philadelphia.
    Warm Greetings

  3. The rose quarts necklace is beautiful! I love the little stamped heart on the pendant :)
    I wish we had such gorgeous foliage over here, but our trees mostly turn brown and then the leaves fall off pretty soon after! What a charming chapel.
    have a great week!

  4. WOW! Your photos are breathtaking :) The leaves have fallen from the trees here so it is a joy to look at your pictures - thanks for sharing. And the necklace - perfection! It's quite beautiful, Val. Have a great day!

  5. Beautiful photos!

  6. Beautiful Fall! Cemeteries are so pretty and peaceful, Don't want to be buried, mind you, but I do often enjoy walking through them. This looks like it was a glorious Fall day! I love the romance of your lovely necklace, Val! Hope you have a great week!

  7. what an interesting set of photos, and the colours are wonderful. That place in the Mont Auburn cemetery for the Scottish is intriguing, mysterious in a way.I

  8. Wonderful pictures of fall! Great place!

  9. A very pretty necklace. Those leaf colours are breath-taking, you must have had a great day out!

  10. The trees are so beautiful! I love the mixture of so many different colors together.
    And your necklace is really pretty too. I love the pink mixed with silver :)

  11. Thank you for sharing your stunning photos of the autumn trees! You've had a magical day! And the necklace is so striking...Chrissie x

  12. it is really beautiful! those colors are so vivid against that blue sky!

  13. Wow, you still have lots of wonderful color, Val!
    I visited Mt. Auburn Cemetery many years ago, and really loved the surroundings.

    This necklace is wonderful, and that little heart is the perfect touch.

    Wishing you a great (and hopefully not too cold!) week ahead!

  14. lovely necklace!
    What a wonderful cemetery! The Fall colors are gorgeous!
    (We planted a holly this Spring and it has died. Apparently they don't like having wet feet when they are being established. This was a very wet Spring.)

  15. Such a sweet, feminine necklace! And what a lovely cemetery -- very peaceful indeed. To be surrounded by all that beautiful nature... did you know, they're so space-limited here, the one historical cemetery was closed some years ago -- the graves were all exhumed for redevelopment :(

  16. really pretty necklace Val! sweet and romantic :)
    Thanks for a lovely leaf peeping stroll - very beautiful place!

  17. Your necklace is beautiful Val!! I love it!! Your photos are so pretty! Enjoyed every single one of them! Take Care ;o)

  18. Wow I love your necklace!!! great photos and post!!
    Have a good week, dear Val!! and my g+ for your post!!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  19. Spectacular fall photos! And interesting notes on the cemetary....

    Pretty rose q necklace too!

  20. Hi Val,
    Love the Rose Quartz necklace the little heart on the unique pendant is precious. There is just something about Cemeteries that fascinate me. This is a beautiful one with all the fall foliage and interesting tombstones and mausoleums, and with the rich history also. Thank you for sharing you and Jim's adventures with us it is always a delight to view the pictures and read the stories.

  21. This is such a pretty necklace! Love those autumnal colours too.

  22. Beautiful necklaces! I also loved the tour of the cemetery. I don't know why they fascinate me so much but they do.

  23. Hi Miss Val I am stopping to say hi! What lovely Autumn you have, also congratulations on your anniversary! Hugs!!

  24. I love that necklace!
    The cemetery is gorgeous. You took some beautiful shots. Fall is so much fun with all the rich colors. =0)

  25. beautiful shots and awesome necklace!

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