Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bonanza and a Carnelian Necklace

Carnelian Necklace 
This beauty features carnelian accented with autumn jasper. I love pairing these 2 stones! This necklace is available in my Bonanza shop.

So it has been years since I've listed on Bonanza. I decided to go back after seeing this chart published in January 2014 on ecommercebytes.

sellers choice
Bonanza comes in at number 1 overall as sellers choice! Followed by Etsy then eBay. So now I am using the tops 3 sites for my business.  Here is the whole article here which is quite interesting if you are you looking into other ventures. 

After learning that my own website is not for me, this information caught my attention. eBay actually ranks highest in profitability. This is particularly interesting since users complain about the fees. Hmmm!

Etsy is the easiest to use followed by Bonanza. I have to agree. However Bonanza has great bulk editing features and you are allowed as many categories as you want!
The cost of listing on Bonanza is $0 up front. Who can beat that? Their commission is around 3%. Also a great deal.

One drawback is that you can't print shipping labels from Bonanza (which they are planning on changing). So I'm just accepting Paypal payments so I can easily print labels from there. So this site is only set up for domestic orders until that change happens.

They have actually started something new this year where you can opt to have your listings advertised on Google Shopping Feed, The Find, Nextag, eBay and Pricegrabber for free. The seller only pays if there is a sale from that direct traffic. 

I've read that with Bonzanza a seller really has to work to bring traffic to their booth. But with this option, that may start to change! I'm starting with a low economy option which sends my feed to Google Shopping and The Find. The venues vary in cost and the others are much more expensive when your items sells.

I will be curious to see how this shop (or booth as they call it) does through 2014.

Zibbet is still working on their site overhaul and will soon be experimenting with the new site with certain sellers. That is good news. As soon as the results start to show I plan on listing here too! 

Then there is 11 Main coming soon. Sellers can request a invitation. I'm not sure how this is going to work with the crafting community but it could be a big part of it. I have a sneaking feeling that it will be very user friendly and appealing to the eye. There is also no shortage of money to throw into the site. I have read in a couple of articles that it will pose a threat to Etsy and of course giants like ebay and Amazon.

Sorry for the sort of boring post but I wanted to share my findings in case any of you are looking to explore other avenues. 

As always, have a great week ahead! I'm still working my job but we are interviewing 5 final candidates this week so my fingers are crossed that we will have a good fit so I can move on!

My house is officially going on the market next Sunday starting with an open house. So anxious!!!!

Thank you for stopping by! ~Val


  1. your necklace is beautiful. good luck with continued sales and traffic! and house sale and traffic, too!

  2. This is a lot of information Val and I greatly appreciate it all! Don't you find it confusing being in more than one spot? I don't know, I guess it's like being on facebook, twitter, pinterest and so on! LOL! I'm only on Etsy and blogger. I don't know how everyone, can be on everything? I have never heard of Bonanza or 11 Main. Good luck with your house! So excited for you! I love your necklace! Gorgeous colors! Big Hugs ;o)

  3. Love that carnelian necklace. - great color stones, the ones I have worked with in the past and I believe are more common are more "orangey". Thanks for the info on bonanza. -Have a great week!!!

  4. Lovely necklace and some very interesting information! Thank you, Val. I've never even looked at Bonanza. Perhaps I should. Good luck with the move!

  5. Thanks for this wonderful information, Val! I'm always looking for new avenues to sell and I'm surprised Bonanza tops Etsy and Amazon! I'll need to check it out :)
    Good luck with the open house and finding the perfect candidate :)
    Your lovely necklace screams summer!

  6. Gorgeous necklace. Super information as well. Good luck with the open house xx

  7. What a beautiful necklace, Val. I too, love those stones together.

    I have never heard of Bonanza, but am surely going to check it out. Thank you for the info.

    Wishing you a bright week ahead!

  8. Another beautiful necklace, Val :) You are so creative with your jewelry! And thanks for the helpful tips about Bonanza - I hope you do extra well there. Happy Monday!

  9. Pretty necklace! I like the colors. Would make a great gift.

    Your insights are really helpful today, as I've never tried Bonanza. I've barely even looked at the site.

    I've been too afraid to try other venues outside of Etsy. I don't know why...

    Thanks for all the great info, Val!

  10. Thanks for the info, since I am not that computer skilled I stick to etsy it says so right there it's the easiest to use! I love the built it traffic also! Good luck on the house sale! So as soon as you find a candidate to take over your job and the house sales you guys move to Florida?

  11. Great info...thanks! I'll definitely keep an eye on Bonanza and I'll be interested to hear more about 11 Main.

  12. Wow! What can I say? ... intimidates me! Amazing job!
    Congratulate of your succes! :-*
    Great post! I congratulate the ability and talent to curiosity to me!
    I will always be coming back for more: *

    Katherine Unique

  13. Beautiful necklace. I agree, the pairing of the two stones is just beautiful! Good luck on the bonanza shop. I've been tossing around the idea of turning my website into a shop instead of a hub for all my websites but that will be way down the road.

  14. Bonanza sounds amazing. I am all in for $0. Thanks for introducing it to me.

  15. Thanks for these informations. Very interesting. I've heard of Bonanza but never visited the site. Now I will!

  16. Interesting post... and nice necklace! I haven't heard of Bonanza!

  17. The necklace is really beautiful. I've don't know anything about Bonanza. You've been doing your research. Wishing you the best!


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