Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cool Room Decor and Necklaces

New Necklaces
I found a great use for Apoxie Sculpt clay! 

These metal flowers have been in my box of miscellaneous lovelies for years not knowing what to do with them. I could never get the back completely smooth to work with. That's where the Apoxie Sculpt comes in! Since it can stick anything to anything it is the perfect adhesive to use. 

I like the earthy look of it under the flowers and how it gives them depth. This has been featured in the Jewelry Making Journal.

Cool Room Decor
Jim and I live in an old drafty house! He mentioned we could benefit from draft dodgers (aka door snakes) for a few doors. So off to Etsy I went and found Cool Room Decor.

We went with a plain brown that would work with the decor. The fabric is heavy and feels luxurious!
We bought a massive bag of rice to fill them up. 
Luckily there is two of us, otherwise there would have been rice all over the floor! 

They are available in wide array of colors and prints. Perfect for drafty window too! You choose the length.
draft dodgers
This shop also offers pretty pillow covers. I love this print!
pillow cover
It is also a great shop for valances!
I love the different shapes offered.
There are also super cute stockings for Santa to fill!
Next time you need something custom for your home, stop by Cool Room Decor. You won't be disappointed!

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your week ahead! ~Val


  1. Great idea for some draft stoppers, and I'm actually going to thank you for this post. We have a bay window in the dining room and every year we fight over covering it with plastic or not. I say not because I like to fill it with pretties, and I always win the fight. So this year when we fight over the options, I can have some of these ready to go! I can customize them for the size of the window. Thanks!

    Beautiful necklaces too! Love the neutral colors and the decorative accents you used.

  2. Those necklaces are stunning
    Great week ahead

  3. very neat necklaces! drafty with winter coming up? brrr... :)

  4. I love those necklaces! You made some beautiful flowers.
    Enjoy your door snakes :)

  5. Beautiful necklaces! And super chic draft that they come in such an array of colours. Here in the pacific northwest, we have a very dreadful 'wet cold' to contend with. These stoppers would really come in handy!

  6. Hi Miss Val, I love your blog's new look it looks so roomy! I've been there myself saving or should I say hoarding things for years and finally finding a use for them! Congrats on the feature!

  7. Love the new look to the blog! great necklaces with yummy stones - really lovely. Great idea with the draft stoppers. We have that problem as well ... old drafty house. Love the look of these!

  8. Filling them with rice. Genius! I was in an Asian market the other day and there were loads and loads of rice bags of 50 lbs each. Perfect for a project such as this one. :-)

  9. Hey Val! Those necklaces are amazing! Your jewelry is always made beautifully.

    Have a great week, sweet lady!

  10. The colours of your new necklaces are perfect for fall, and I need to get some draft dodgers too! It's starting to get colder over here.

  11. That's a great idea to use the Apoxie Sculpt to stick the flowers to the metal.
    Very nice fabrics too!

  12. Door snakes are also quite common in my part. Hope they work and you have it cozy in your house.

  13. I like your new header, Val! And that flower necklace is really beautiful! I love the mirror reflection...that and the epoxy give it nice depth and added interest. Great site you showed us today ~ they have some really cool fabrics!

  14. What a cool header, full of goodies and your necklaces are so lovely...I couldn't pick between them if I had to.
    Once again I wonder what can we not buy on line...

  15. Val, these necklaces are really beautiful. So perfect for fall.
    I actually spent part of my weekend, filling draft dodgers with rice! :-)
    It was SO windy here, and it has gotten really cold.

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  16. What a fun way to decorate a drafty window or door! Love the patterns! And that stocking.
    And what a clever way to add your flowers to your new necklaces!

  17. Those necklaces are so pretty! I live in a drafty house too. Those would be perfect for my home!

  18. Lovely necklaces!!!
    Wow great changes in your blog!!! I love it!!!
    I added you by g+ now and follow you by Bloglovin too!!!
    Have a good week, dear Val!!! my g+ and like's in bloglovin for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  19. I love your necklaces!! Beautiful!
    Cool Room Decor is cool! Love the shop! Thanks for sharing ;o)
    Hope all is well ;o)
    Hugs ;o)


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