Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mod 86 Designery and Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping Fun
Stamping time!
I used the 1/4 inch copper cuff bracelet blanks in my shop for these inspirational earrings. They were the perfect width for my stamping set. 
The ear wires are crafted from solid sterling silver. The earrings are available in my Etsy shop!

2015 Planner
This is my new planner from Mod 86 Designery on Etsy!
This sturdy book has great features including laminated covers, a great elastic that wraps around the entire planner which will keep it together when I drop it (yes, I'm clumsy), tabs for each month, built in envelopes, plenty of notes pages, a pen and more!
The week on 2 pages always works best for me and my to do lists each day.
However this shop offers 8 different layout options since everyone's needs vary.
owl planner
The planners can be personalized but I just went with "planner". 
mod print planner
The different planner prints also come in a variety of colors for all tastes.

This shop also has bill organizers.
bill organizer
Meal planners.
meal planner
Address books.
address book
Of course everything can be customized to the perfect book for someone's needs!

Stop by Mod 86 Designery for your next organizing book. You won't be disappointed! These are great gift ideas too.

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your week! ~Val


  1. Those earrings look fantastic! Metal stamping must be great fun!

  2. I'm going to check out those planners. Now that everyone has iPhones and other digital handhelds, it's getting darn near impossible to find book-style planners anymore. But I love using them because it's easy to clip notes and stuff to the relevant pages.

  3. Love those earrings! -and the stamps are so straight and perfectly placed ..

  4. great new earrings Val! those should be a big hit in your shop. And great collection of journals

  5. Val, these earrings are wonderful! So many possibilities for them.

    Love your date book too, and I am actually needing a new one for next year, so I will definitely check these out. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Have a fantastic week!

  6. Hey Val! I am so inspired by these earrings - they are fabulous! I bet they will do very well in your shop :)

    Thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful week. Hugs!

  7. Your hand stamped earrings are amazing!! Yay for a new planner :) And you're right on trend with the houndstooth pattern! I always have the week on two pages too!

  8. Your planner looks super handy! I need to get one soon, before all the good ones are gone already.

  9. I love these stamped earrings, and the planners are terrific, great work!!

  10. Lovely earrings!!!
    Have a good week, dear Val!!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  11. Love the stamped earrings! They have a cute rustic charm to them which would look so cute with a pair of jeans or one of those long skirts, which are now my favorites. Your shop has the cutest jewelry in it.

    Love the planner, very cute! I'm a techie planner girl. I have my calendar that syncs with my phone, my computer, and my tablets. But I do love the idea of a meal planner and I'll be sure to pop over and take a look at those. That seems to be my big struggle these days. Now that I'm working from home, I'm finding myself cooking more so I could definitely use a planner for that. Thanks for sharing her shop with us.

  12. Love those earrings! I bet they'll go down well in your shop. The planners look very interesting as well. I shall check them out!

  13. Your new earrings are beautiful! And the options are endless with the different words!
    The planner is great too! I love that it has laminated coves and a place for your pen. I love her dandelion design on the meal planner!

  14. I didn't know metal stamping is also used in earrings
    and they look great too.
    I have a few necklaces that are metal stamped.

  15. I love organizers. I use one and it keeps my life in order. I've always wanted to learn how to do metal stamping.

  16. Great earrings Val :D I admire your ability to stamp letters in a straight line! I can't do that very well so stick to stamping patterns.
    I like your new planner, I try to be organized but still end up scribbling notes on random bits of paper....

  17. Wow,those earring are so beautiful.
    Love that planner

  18. Nice job on the metal stamping. The earrings look amazing.

  19. What cute earrings!
    I have things on my "google calendar" but I have a paper planner as well. That helps to keep me organized with everything I need to do or hope to do.

  20. Your earrings are priceless! Very special!
    I just got a new planner ;o) Love yours ;o)
    Hugs ;o)


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