Saturday, May 23, 2015

Springtime in the Yard

It is quite pretty out there! The blooms are giving me some good practice with the camera and macros.

I love the details on the stems of the weeping cherry tree.
The azalea are incredibly colorful!
We are waiting for 1 batch of lilies to open. This purple patch are the only ones we have.
Bleeding hearts galore!
The white lilacs are as fragrant as can be.
I believe this is a type of azalea too.
The Japanese maple is full of color.
Fluffy rhododedron balls!
Our stone wall coverings. Very lush! These ivy leaves are massive.
Thank you for stopping by! I hope you are enjoying nature this season too. ~Val


  1. oh, you have a fabulous yard full of beauty! yay for you!! (and thanks for sharing it with us!)

  2. Those are gorgeous flowers! What a pretty sight!
    I wish lilacs would last a little longer :) I'm looking forward
    to my roses in June :)

  3. I think my comment got lost somewhere along the way, so here it is again :-)
    I love all of the pretty colours you have in your garden!

  4. beautiful blooms! It is fun snapping pics of all the flowers this year .... we waited so long for their arrival!!

  5. I can only imagine how pretty your garden must be Val!

  6. A feast for the eyes! Beautiful blossoms!

  7. Oh I know your yard is gorgeous. Love the blooms of all types. Also loving the fact that you're putting your new camera to use. Spring is such a beautiful season. :-)

  8. Such beautiful blossoms, Val! Love the azalea. I would be waiting with bated breathe to see those lilies open

  9. Beautiful flowers!!! nice photos!!
    Have a good week, dear Val!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  10. You are doing fabulous with your camera Val! Those azaleas are gorgeous! I have two bushes of them in the front of my house.

  11. I love flower photos and these are all beautiful! It's the best time of there year when flowers are blooming. :)

  12. It looks like you are having a beautiful spring, Val, and it also looks like you and your new camera have become fast friends.
    These are just beautiful!

  13. Wow Val!! Everything is looking fantastic! Your plants are happy ;o) LOL! Love the pics!


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