Saturday, May 16, 2015

Swamp Walk

I have been looking around online at area places to visit that neither Jim nor I have been to. That is how I discovered the Swamp Walk on the Danvers/Wenham line in MA!

It is a loop off a rail trail.
This is a place where people come for bike rides, walks and jogs. This particular rail trail also meets up with the one in the town we live in. One can go for miles and miles!

It was a little walk to get to the swamp walk and when we did I was slightly disappointed!
This is the beginning of the walk. It is totally broken at that last board you can see!

Anyway, we continued walking down the rail trail since this is a loop.
The other end was ok!
We did approach more structural issues. This was completed only a couple of years ago so it is sad to see it falling apart so quickly.
Jim was feeling confident to walk that plank! I on the other hand was not, especially with a new camera around my neck.
The walk was really beautiful. The Canadian geese love it here. I'm not sure why the camera made the water look incredibly blue!
We don't know what caused the damage but it could have something to do with beavers by the look of these trees!
We had a peaceful walk listening to the birds singing and enjoying the change of season. Back at the car was a gorgeous tree to appreciate.
I have been out a few times with the new camera and realized there was a defect in the lens leaving a spot on the photos. 

The spot here is in the lower right corner! Luckily the store exchanged it for me with no problem so I now have a perfect camera to use going forward! 

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the swamp walk! Have a beautiful week. ~Val


  1. glad the store exchanged it for a undamaged one! that would be a nice place to walk if parts weren't precarious. i can see the beavers have been active, though! perhaps they and storms have been taking their toll.

  2. I've not heard of this place, Val, but it sure looks like a really peaceful place to be.
    Love that blue, blue water!

  3. Hi Val!
    I like exploring new areas and do it far too seldomly! Looks like you had the trail all to yourself!
    I wouldn't have walked on that single plank with a camera round my neck either ;-)
    I'm glad you got your lens exchanged!! have a wonderful Sunday :)

  4. wonderful pics Val! we have the same issue with docks up in the Adirondacks. The hard winter does a number to the wood and warps it badly. We usually all have to re-do, or rebuild parts of our docks every few years. The frozen water expands and lifts the boards. Glad the new camera didn't end up 'in the drink' ... and you were able to easily get a new lens!

  5. I love how you find so many new places to visit! Unfortunately water and wood don't always mix, so the structure will have to be replaced often. I don't blame you for not crossing the plank! Love the blues of the water and the sky.
    And glad to hear they replaced your lens.

  6. Good thing you're too far north for gators.

  7. Exploring new areas is great and interesting! Wonderful trail!

  8. Great photos (despite the spotty lens!) I love how the water looks so blue.

  9. Lovely photos (despite the spot). Lol at the "structural issue" though. What a shame...

  10. I did enjoy the walk, thank you! And the water is incredibly blue. I'm glad to hear you got a new lens without any hazzle.

  11. Beautiful photos!!!
    Have a good week!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  12. I think it's a lovely idea! They should have annual fundraisers or something to keep it up. Wonderful concept! Any alligators or such around thought Eeek! LOL Glad you got your lens replaced Val.

  13. Those beavers are really feeding off those trees! Yeah let's save the camera!

  14. The name "swamp walk" sounds kind of creepy! Looks like a fun spot to poke around and discover new things, though. It's really too bad about the structural issues. Such a bummer!

  15. someone can't really tell there is a spot.
    great pictures though.You are lucky the store agreed to change

  16. Oh I love seeing pictures of where folks like to walk in their area! This looks like a lovely loop. Similar to a lake close to me, Deer Lake, in Burnaby, BC. Lotsa Canada geese there too ;)

  17. What a gorgeous view. It looks so peaceful out there, in in the midst of the ruins. I think the very blue water looks amazing!


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