Saturday, November 28, 2015

2016 Planner

My 2016 planner has arrived!
I was so happy with the one I received last year that I ordered from the same Etsy shop again this year named mod 86 Designery
This shop offers a variety of options for the inside layout. This one works best for me since I like writing to do lists each day!
I love the monthly tabs for easy reference.
It also shows 2 years ahead for future planning!
The best part about these planners is that they are made from quality, heavy duty materials. Also, I have a tendency to drop things and the elastic closure keeps it from opening!
If you are needing a planner for next year, check out mod 86 Designery. The cover designs are also quite varied. I went with a vibrant happy one this year!

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  1. I love planners...and lists. And I was happy to find that she also offers menu planners. One of my resolutions for 2016 to eat at home more often, and this would be great for me. Thanks for the link. :)

  2. looks nice! i like paper calendars/planners too. :)

  3. Hi Val,
    Nice planner, I am going to go check out mod 86 Designery, thank you for sharing. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. oh I like this! I still live by writing lists (as electronic as my work has become). I really love how this one is organized - going to have to check out their shop

  5. Hi Val,

    I am actually a new follower, but love to follow each other here on blogpost. What a great platform! I just got one of these planners from JMA, its a jewellery show for manufacturers! Anyways, I am on the same page, excited about my new planner!! Its more of a calendar!!

    Keep following back and commenting, interacting with my posts.

  6. Enjoy your planner! I miss those days where this planners were in vogue and so needed cause there where no mobile phones. I had one when I was in college ages ago and I loved it. I think people were looking in their planners then as often as today in their smartphones.

  7. How cool! It is always good to stay organized! I love the old fashioned paper way too:)

  8. What a lovely planner just waiting for your notes! I like making lists too but tend to use bits of paper then lose them.....

  9. Very nice planner! Maybe I should look into one as I am writing to to lists and reminders and always loose them :(

  10. This is so nice!

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  11. I also use a paper planner, that functions as a scrapbook too! I always love getting a new one, it's all fresh and I get excited by thinking what kind of adventures will be penned down in them :-)

  12. Val, this planner looks great! I love it! Hugs :)

  13. I love the different selections! Beautiful. I just bought one for my mom.

  14. Looks like a great planner! And thanks for the reminder - I need one too :)


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