Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Little Randomness!

Our Mailbox
I have mentioned our beloved old front door with the mail slot before that I love! But I did not love how the mail got shoved through it. Turns out our mail carrier did not care for it either!  

So I got to shop for a mailbox for the first time in my life. How darling is this? When I saw the hummingbird, I knew this was the one! I need to paint the screws or color them with a Sharpie.

My Valentine's Day Plant
Jim usually gives me a bouquet for Valentine's Day but this year he gave me a cyclamen for our new home!
Its darling blooms can show from December until April.
They are so beautiful in each phase ending in a floppy flower.
It does not like temperatures above 65 so I am expecting it to not make it through summer. We'll see!
Its heart shaped leaves were the perfect touch for the occasion!

Our Fake Fireplace
It is so fake! We have no real one since it was cool at the time of building to not have one and show off that the home was heated with natural gas. Maybe these were in vogue in the 1950s or sometime around then. The brick are just a facade however the wood is actually real!
Behind this is a funny electric mechanism to light it up and make it sound like an actual fire. It uses Christmas like tinsel that blows around for the light. The crackle noise it makes is surprisingly authentic!
It's lighting however is not authentic looking at all!
We have no intentions of this staying this but I want to preserve it in photos since it is full of character!

Thank you for stopping by! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. ~Val


  1. You picked a nice mailbox that compliments the character of your house!

  2. Love your new mailbox! And I love how Jim got you a plant for your new home this year :)
    My grandparents had one of those fireplaces too. It always cracked me up that someone went to all that trouble to build a fireplace to just have it be fake!

  3. Love the new mailbox! ha, those fake fireplaces always make me laugh .... but I bet it is a lot easier than the real thing

  4. Beautiful flower and beautiful mailbox too. The fake fireplace still adds some ambiance I'm sure. A friend of mine had a fireplace and in the summer she would put several large candles at different heights and it looked so pretty. You are certainly enjoying your beautiful new home!

  5. Your plant is so pretty, my friend! And that mailbox is simply divine. Hugs to you, Val!

  6. A fake fireplace is funny. And strange ... I love your mailbox. Lovely!

  7. What a great letterbox! Just this last Friday we went to "Cyclamen Hill" to see them growing wild. It is the season at the moment and they literally covered the ground. So beautiful!

  8. What a cute mailbox! We have a slot in the door as well and I didn't like how the mail was shoved through there either. I have since "trained" the postman to ring the doorbell for me to collect my mail personally :) Too funny about the fake fireplace! How thoughtful of Jim to gift you a beautiful plant :)

  9. That valentine plant is so beautiful

  10. I love your new mailbox! I can't have cyclamen in the house as it's too warm plus my cat likes to destroy them by chewing all the flowers off!
    Would that fire be classed as an antique? It was probably all the rage at one time :D

  11. I love the mailbox!!! Lovely plant!!!!
    Have a good week, dear Val!!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  12. Val, your new mail slot is so cute! I love the hummingbirds. Details are so charming. That's a beautiful plant. You're going to enjoy it! Plus it lasts longer.

  13. The mailbox is really cute! Lovely details on it! Also love your new plant, so pretty!

  14. I bet you're enjoying your new home with all those renovations! The mailbox is cool! What a lovely plant you got from Jim!

  15. Congrats on your new home the hummingbird mailbox nice touch to yor exterior. What a pretty plant Jim gave you. Is good to take images of your home and in long run you will see the changes you made but have memory in how it look like before the changes.

  16. I love that mailbox! Beautiful Val!!! Your Valentine's plant is gorgeous and she knows it! LOL! Truly beautiful! You made me laugh about your fire place! It is so fake! LOL! So cute! I think it's so interesting to look back in time, and learn what was in style! Big Hugs!

  17. I love that mailbox, Val!
    I'll just bet your Cyclamen will be just fine.
    I have 2 that are more than 15 years old, and bloom faithfully throughout the year.
    I hope you're having a great week!

  18. Awesome! I like this a lot.

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  19. What a charming mailbox! So much fun, buying new things for the new house!


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