Saturday, March 12, 2016

Merrimack River

I cross this bridge over the Merrimack River multiple times, to and from the post office. 
So it felt like I should take a closer look!
Yes there is a pylon in the tree!  A typical city bridge.
With typical local graffiti. I don't know how the kids get into some of the high cubbies!
This city was a hub for industry back in the day using the river for water power to create textiles and footwear.
Many old mills buildings still stand and have been re-purposed for commercial and residential use

This river was also made famous by Henry David Thoreau in his book A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers. This was about about a trip he made up and down the connecting rivers with this brother in 1839. No I haven't read it but now I'm curious since I enjoy his work and would love to read what is was like along the river at that time.
Or course it is a place to seagulls to chill out and poop.
Along the river was an old railroad that is now a rail trail. It is not scenic and peaceful like the ones I used to live near.
However I have read of plans of making this an art walk which will create an enjoyable stroll. 

I was curious about this mural I see from the bridge.
I believe this is the first and only piece so far. It was dedicated in loving memory of a resident who adored the city, its parks and was a huge supporter of this endeavor. I believe the work signifies all the wild life in the region.  

Going Gray
I got a pixie cut this week! This is officially the shortest I have ever gone with my hair!
I thought I would have everything cut up to the gray but I went the with the stylist's advice of leaving some hair on top. This is due to cow licks and the fineness of my hair. 

I actually love how the gray shows on the sides. Kind of funky in a good way! So I will rock this cut until I'm all gray. Then maybe keep it or grow it out.

Thank you for stopping by! Wishing you a fun creative week ahead. ~Val


  1. LOVE your hair! (i personally love my short hair AND gray!) :) cute gulls. laughed at the pylon in the tree. the graffiti is actually quite pretty in a way. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, Val, I LOVE your haircut!!!
    I remember passing by some old mills many times, in the Lawrence area. Not sure if that's the Merrimack River area, but I do remember wishing I were brave enough to check out the insides of some of those mills. :-)

  3. Val, I have been thinking of you! I was wondering if you got your haircut! And, you did it! Wow girl, you look fantastic! I have to take a picture of my hair. Mine has actually went curly! LOL! Love the pictures! That pylon in the tree made me laugh! Funny, I don't like graffiti, but when it's all done, it kind of looks cool! The mural is beautiful! Big Hugs and keep rocking! You look great!

  4. Oh I wish I had the face for a pixie cut. You look great!

  5. In the big city I lived only 10 min by foot from a river with two massive bridges! Looking at these pictures brings back memories. It would be great if your city turned the trail into an art walk! And I had the same pixie cut in my early twenties. I only grew it out because I wasn't keen on going to the hairdresser every four weeks ;-)
    It look fabulous on you! You have the perfect face for it :)

  6. You are so gorgeous! short hair going so well with your face. I like short hair, mine is all gray and in fact, I shaved my head at the end of the year.
    Beautiful New England scenery, looks like Europe.
    Graffiti are everywhere some are masterpieces and other less!!! :)
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  7. Cute pixie cut! Not everyone can wear that style, but it looks great on you!

  8. Beautiful pictures,they are awesome
    That hair cut is stunning

  9. Lovely walk along the river! I love the history in New England. Loving the new haircut

  10. You look great!!! Nice post!!!
    Have a good week, Val!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  11. What a great place to walk! I love the hair. I've tried to go short but I always chicken out. You have the perfect face for that cut. Looks great!

  12. I bet if that bridge could talk, it would have so many stories to tell! You should definitely read the book Val. Thanks for sharing these pics. Your haircut looks great! Honestly, with your bone structure you could even pull off a buzz cut! You look beautiful!

  13. Your hair looks marvellous!! Gorgeous bridge too :) xx

  14. The hair looks great on you! I have had that short hair most of the time when I was in School, only after college I started to grow it long! The bridge is beautiful! A great place to explore! The mural looks interesting!

  15. Great photos Val. I too live in a place where the seagulls like to chill out and poop :D

    Your new haircut really suits you. My last ever hair dye colour is starting to grow out now and the grey roots are coming through. I talked to my hairdresser last week about getting lowlights in a couple of months. I'll post a photo on my blog once there's enough grey :D

  16. Oh I envy you! no more hair color to mess with!! You look beautiful with that haircut, you totally own it!

  17. wow you look very pretty in this hair cut dear ,liked being here your pics and sharing are really beautiful

  18. I love the beautiful mural! It will be neat if they can turn that area into an art walk!

  19. Look at you, Val! You look so beautiful and I absolutely LOVE the pixie :) I have always liked pixie cuts and have been contemplating one for the last month. Years ago I had one and it's such a fun hairstyle. You look great :)

    Hugs to you!

  20. amazing post dear :)
    have a nice weekend! :)


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