Saturday, April 2, 2016


We received this beautiful houseplant at the real estate closing from the sellers.
These 3 siblings grew up in our house so I'm sure it was difficult to see it go to someone else. We can tell they are a wonderful family so our house was filled with love before us!

I had the urge to separate the 5 plants so they could grow and be enjoyed for each individual's beauty.

This one has the cutest little flowers that opened after replanting.
 This plant makes me think of the tropics!

I have always adored variegated leaves.

This grassy plant has beautiful hot pink outlines.
It has been a few weeks since replanting and there has been complete success. They are all quite happy! 

I love plants as an inexpensive way to decorate a home and make it feel more cozy. For now they are hanging out on our fake hearth since we are still lacking in the furniture department!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a happy day. ~Val


  1. how sweet of them to give you a gift! and now they can live on through their lovely plants. :)

  2. What a lovely gesture from the previous owners! I'm glad your house has good vibes :)

  3. How sweet that they gave you a house warming gift! I'm sure it is hard to see a treasured home go to someone else, but lovely they were able to meet you and know who would be living in their home. Beautiful plants! and it looks like they are in good hands

  4. What a thoughtful family, Val, and the plants are wonderful.
    How nice that you will have a sweet reminder of those who loved there before you.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. What a beautiful gesture of generosity! They knew that, you will take good care of them. :)
    These are gorgeous and plants always embellish the house.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. They are awesome people
    The plants are pretty

  7. I'm just discovering my love for house plants. These plants were a perfect gift, but I love that you separated them so that they could flourish. So pretty!

  8. I love houseplants, they add a finishing touch to a room. Yours look healthy since you replanted them and your house looks like it's nice and bright so they should do well :D

  9. I have not much luck with houseplants. I have just a few plants inside the house which survived my carrying. But these few guys live here for years and still or despite look and doing great.
    Have a nice week!

  10. You did very well on separating the plants! They look wonderful! Keep talking to them! Plants love to be talked to! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog Val! You inspired me to show the real me! Thank you! Big Hugs!

  11. Beautiful!!! I love plants too!!!
    Have a good week, dear Val!!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  12. What a sweet gift from the previous homeowners! A couple of these look like plants we have and they got huge, so it was a good idea to separate them.

  13. That was so cool of them! I love the assortment and I would've separated them also Val. Smart move and they are doing lovely.

  14. That's so nice of them! The sellers of our house left us a handwritten note and a bottle of champagne in the fridge. :-)

  15. What a wonderful gift from the sellers! I am glad the plants are happy and making a cozy home :)

  16. So lovely! I like the pictures too. Have a great day.

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