Saturday, September 16, 2017

Flame Oxidized Metal

Oxidizing metal with a torch has been quite entertaining for me lately.
The flame colors the metal (this is copper above) which so fascinating. Intense colors can be created. However it changes as soon as the flame is pulled away so I never know what color will ultimately occur!

I start by annealing (heating to soften and give it color) strips, then by cutting up pieces and piercing a hole in them. 
I love how the heat pretties up these patterned copper pieces.
Then is it time to hammer to flatten the pieces as well as give them texture. Also file the corners so they are not sharp.
Every piece yields different results so each is one of a kind. Then I seal them so the patina stays.

I have no plan for any of the pieces as I go through these steps. I wait for inspiration later deciding how I want to piece things together.

Now if I can just figure out how to recreate my favorite below it would be fabulous! Yes that intense color and blackness was all created by the flame. So cool! 

I love how the natural copper color is peaking out on some of the edges. This one is named Confidence for its bold color and a reminder for the wearer to believe in him or herself. 
I am also in love with Balance below. How amazing are the effects on this piece? The metal is thinner on this piece so the result is completely different from the thicker ones. This is for the person who lives a balanced life (or at least strives to.)
Cosmic came out awesome too! This triangle is thin brass with an end result that is outer space like. This is for the individual who thinks with intensity.
I am also quite fond of Simplicity below for its minimalist look. Rich colors came out in this piece. This unisex piece is to inspire to live a most uncomplicated life as possible.
I would like to create more earrings but it is tricky creating 2 pieces that work well together. These came out beautifully though.
Named High Road for the woman who always remains classy. The earwires are sterling silver which I also flame oxidized to darken them but also give them bits of color so they are not perfect matches either. The overall look is great for wearing with both gold and silver.

Well that is just a glimpse of what I have been up to (obsessed with) lately.

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  1. *****WOW***** What perfectly lovely pieces you have created. Heating creates wonderful colours and textures, and I love that you just 'go with the flow'. Each piece is really unique. I can understand it becoming an obsession. Hoping to see more! Thanks for the nice comments you left on my blog, too. Have a great weekend, have fun. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh, Val, these are gorgeous! I love how each piece is unique and an original. Lovely!

  3. Oh Val! You created some fabulous pieces! I love the look. My favorite is BALANCE. GORGEOUS!

  4. Love the necklace with the red and black and the patterned pieces. Hope they will do well in your shop!

  5. Some interesting pieces here! Good that you are having fun experimenting.

  6. VAL!!! WICKED COOL!!! LOVE!!!! You keep going girl!! Gorgeous!!! Big Hugs!!!

  7. These are wonderful, Val, and I love the fact that each piece is so unique.

  8. I need your address! You should know by now, I'm bad at keeping them! LOL!

  9. The results are great! Interesting and unique!

  10. Looks like you're having fun playing with fire Val :D


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