Saturday, June 23, 2012

This Week's Blog Post

Custom Order
My customer requested pink crystal jewelry and here is the result!
Custom orders typically get me out of my box and this was no exception. I am an earthy stones kind of gal but I do get giddy when working with Swarovski crystals. There is something about a woman and sparkly things!!!
Monkey Moments & Giveaway!!!
My Mother’s Day and Father’s Day shopping brought me to Monkey Moments on Etsy! Sock monkeys are put into human poses to create funny pictures.

Here is mom’s (she always prefers a bath over a shower):
Here is dad’s (with the remote watching PBS or History or Science channel):
The story behind these creations is one sister starting these photos to make her sister laugh. It was too fun for them to not pursue a business in this!
There are a variety of occasions in the card selection like this one for a teacher!

Or this card for love!
Now for a Monkey Moments giveaway! The lucky winner will receive this very fun Wizard of Oz magnet (I could not take the picture without a little glare on it)! It is a large 4” x 5.5”!!!  It is sure to bring a lot of laughs! I have one on my fridge which has me smiling each day!
To enter simply leave a comment on this post that you are a Wizard of Oz fan! If you have an Oz memory, share it.
I was always horrified by those flying monkeys, much more so than the wicked witch! The film still amazes me today how far ahead of its time the production was. My friend and I had toured the studio where this was filmed and apparently the Yellow Brick Road is still there under the current flooring. So I guess we sort of walked on the Yellow Brick Road!
The drawing will occur Sunday July 1 by Jim pulling the lucky winner out of a hat. I will announce the winner on that Saturday July 7 post!!!  Good luck!
The Beach
Jim and I took a ride up the coast to the beach (Atlantic Ocean). It was perfect.
We saw everything you expect to see on the beach like seaweed.
A piece of blue lobster.
Kites. See the cat one?
I just love how the water glistens from the sun! I can not believe I am showing my feet! Inheritance brought me painful bunions so my feet are a little deformed!
It feels like you can see forever looking out at the ocean!
I hope you all have a wonderful summer week ahead! ~Val


  1. Love the custom order! I'm a pink girl :)

    A trip to the beach sounds amazing! It's raining right now, but I hope we get a chance to air boat on the river this weekend :)

    Love the sock monkeys! Too funny and too cute! The Wizard of Oz was on TV the other day and I couldn't help but watch it :)

    1. I hope you get to spend some time outside on the air boat today Edi!

  2. Those sock monkeys are too cute! And, I think you did a fantastic job on a custom order. I think you're right, custom orders make you think out of the box. They challenge you to stretch your mind and the thing is, when someone else orders something similar, it's not so hard the next time around.

    As for the Wizard of Oz, I do love that movie. I remember watching it in the auditorium in elementary school. Yes, we watched it on the old 16mm film projectors. Now, I feel kind of old. lol

    1. LOL. I remember the projectors too! It was great when the movie was going to be on tv (way before cable) and everyone would plan to watch it!

  3. Hi Val,
    That is a very pretty necklace. I love working with crystals and I always try to get a few in whatever I make.
    The Sock Monkey cards are so cute. I love oringinal ideas like this.
    Ahh The Wizzard of Oz, I first remember seeing that movie back in the early 70's on TV it was amazing and my brother and I sang the songs for weeks afterwards. I try to watch it now everytime I see that it is on.

  4. lovely necklace!! those wizard of oz monkeys are adorable--and so enjoyed your wonderful beach pics!!

  5. What a great day at the beach!!! Your jewelry is beautiful. I'm a crystal jewelry making gal. I'm also a wizard fan! ;)

  6. Oh I love the beach. Those are some great photos. I think walking along the water is one of my favourite things to do. Or just lying on a towel and letting the sun soak in.

  7. Hi Val,

    The pink jewelry is gorgeous! The beach photo's are so pretty. I loved seeing all the kites.


  8. Beautiful custom order! Love it! The sock monkeys are adorable! And, what a great giveaway! I am a Wizard of Oz Fan ;o) I am involved with the blog party! You should do it too Val ;o) I think it's so cool that you went to the studio where it was made! How exciting! The beach pictures are excellent! I love the picture of the piece of blue lobster! And, your feet were cute too ;o) Have a great week ;o)

    1. Thank you Stacy! I wish I could get involved with the Oz blog party. It sounds like tons of fun! Working full time and having an online business I do not like to commit to things since I fear not having enough time to be involved! Busy, busy!

  9. LOVE that combo with pink and crytal so summery!!!

  10. Those socks monkeys are cute! I want in on that Wizard of Oz magnet giveaway. I am a fan. Remember last year I told you I wanted to rent the movie so Sophie could see it??...well I never did :( Hopefully this year I will do it. SO she can finally watch it.

    Now that I am old all I do on the beach is walk along the shore!

    1. Sophie is the perfect age for the Wizard of Oz! She will love it! The ocean off MA is freezing cold!!! I have not been in it since I was a little girl when the temperture did not matter!

  11. The pink and crystal necklace is so cute, you can never go wrong with a whole lot of sparkle. Thanks for sharing the link to Monkey Moments. I love those cards, they are so cute. Great collection of beach photo, looks like a lot of fun.
    Everyday Inspired

  12. that is very cute! the bathtub!

    thanks for visiting my blog and left me a comment :)

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  13. Hi Val,

    I love Swarovki crystals as well, especially PINK ones!! Did you know I used to work for that company? ;-)
    Your jewelry set is so pretty! The monkey pictures are too funny, I haven't come across this shop before but must check it out!
    Sigh. I wish it was sunny weather here. In fact, I wish I could go to the beach right now! Cute kitty kite :)
    have a fabulous week,

    1. It must have been neat to work for Swarovski! Their crystal creations are so beautiful and their beads are perfection!

  14. Ooo..this set is so lovely, so femmme.

  15. What a lovely visit to the beach Val...looked like a beautiful day for it too. I love your pink necklace and earrings as pretty and feminine.

    Have a great week.


  16. great post!! love the pictures of the beach!! I am super addicted to the sea!:)


  17. I see you had lots of fun at the beach, love it!

  18. Val, the necklace is GORGEOUS!!!

    Thank you for the info on Monkey Moments. I have a "thing" for sock monkeys, and these photos of them are absolutely adorable. What great gifts for Mom and Dad!

    Your trip along the coast looks wonderful! My husband and I used to do the same when we lived in MA. We would start in MA and go all the way up (Rte. 1? I think) through ME. Such beautiful scenery there.

    Wishing you a fantastic week ahead, my friend.


    1. Yes, that is Route 1A that heads up the coast. Such a beautiful drive!

  19. Your beach photos are wonderful! I want to be there right now...

  20. Adoramos o seu post,ficou maravilhoso.
    Desejamos a vc uma ótima quinta.
    Super beijos da Glorinha.
    Estamos com a campanha Google +1 e contamos com a sua participação.

  21. Val, thank you so much for your comment you left on my blog. I was excited to get a comment from overseas and it made me really happy that you liked my beads. :0)))
    Your jewelry is really lovely and I also like a lot your pics about the other stuff. Wonderful pics from the beach...

  22. Lovely post as always :) Very pretty necklace - beautiful colors. And love the trip down the coast .... always love getting my toes in the sand


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