Saturday, December 15, 2012

This Week's Blog Post

Safari Jasper Bracelet
Safari jasper makes me think of all the colors one would don if going on an African safari. I fancy its color, probably because a safari is my ultimate dream vacation! It is the most exciting (and most expensive) item on my bucket list!
The small beads here are chrysanthemum stone which match the dark grey markings perfectly! This bracelet is available at Miss Val’s Creations.

Festival of Trees Part III
Here are the last of the Festival trees I enjoyed!
Owls were part of many trees this year!
This is my favorite bird. I always love their shape and eyes! Such a gorgeous predator! Owls were so popular that they made the topper for 3 trees!
I noticed when loading up this photo that there is a mouse at the bottom. Dinner perhaps?
Country style is not me however every year I love seeing a country theme tree.
I guess I am fond of the style for the Christmas holiday! There is always a couple decorated this way.
Here is the Wizard of Oz! The plushies are a little creepy looking but dolls can be so sometimes!
I love how this one is decorated with the snowy berries and pretty ribbons.
I wish everyone a safe and wonderful week ahead. I would love to end on a happy note but we have had a couple of horrible tragedies this week in the US that I believe have us all on edge. I can’t help but think about what the families and friends of those affected are going through. L ~Val


  1. A safari is on my list too! Seeing all the animals in their natural habitat and being up close to cool would that be!
    Love all the owls and that last tree is my favorite!

  2. A safari is not on my list, but I'd love to visit Hawaii instead (it is just as expensive) :)
    That focal bead is amazing! Very pretty bracelet. I love the owl trees AND the country one :)
    have a lovely weekend,

  3. I've never seen safari jasper before, it's lovely!

  4. Happy weekend to you Val, I love your new piece, it definately says "African Safari" to me...very exotic.

    I love the tree with the owls, so pretty, lots of inspiration for decorating this holiday season. Thanks for sharing your pretty photos.


  5. Have you read this book:

    The Sands of Kalihari was also a movie. I thought of this when seeing you want to go on safari. My parents had this book and years later I read it; you might enjoy it.

    More great Christmas trees! The focal stone in your bracelet is a beauty.

  6. Happy Holidays Val! Loving that jasper! WOW!! I've never seen that one before, and I just might have to look for that!! very pretty

  7. Bom dia! que demais haha
    adorei esse post! beijos
    e bom fim de semana ;)

  8. the trees and the owls are great :-)
    Love that bracelet and how it is a bold statement piece while being very earthy. I hope you get your safari vacation someday Val!

  9. It's so tragic for real the happenings this week. It makes my heart heavy :(

  10. I love that bracelet....and the trees. enjoy your safari when you go, and bring back lots of pictures. :0)

  11. oh the little owls!!! so cute hahaha your tree looks amazing!

  12. What a lovely collection of trees. I love owls, and I think it cool that they use them as tree toppers. The trees with the ribbons are especially pretty. Your jasper bracelet is cool!
    Everyday Inspired

  13. Hi Val, your bracelet is really great! Love the cool earthiness of it ;o) And, I love all the Christmas trees! I love the owls! Owls have been calling to me lately!!
    Bless all the families in Connecticut!
    Big Hugs ;o)

  14. That is a beautiful safari necklace. The stone is gorgeous. About safaris, one of my friends went on a safari trip in South Africa and he thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope you get to go some day. :-)

  15. Wow that pretty necklace, Val!! and beautiful Christmas trees!
    Have a good week, dear!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  16. That bracelet is gorgeous!
    I wish you a lovely week!

  17. Oh, a safari would be so amazing!!! Very expensive, yes. That bracelet is gorgeous too!

  18. Val, this bracelet is just beautiful! Love the color combination, and the markings on the stone.

    I have so enjoyed your Festival of Trees posts. What a wonderful place to be with a camera.

    I wish you and Jim, and most beautiful Christmas.

  19. What happened is heartbreaking. So important that you gave it a mention.
    Enjoyed seeing your trees. Wishing you a very happy holiday!

  20. I wish you a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays!

  21. Adorei seu blog.
    Estou aguardando a sua visitinha:
    Feliz 2013 Leila ( Brasil )


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