Saturday, July 30, 2016

Second Hand Bargains

A Savers thrift store is nearby and we have scored multiple times here. 

Our favorite is this solid wood table that appears to be handcrafted.
It has unique details including two tone finish and hand carved designs. It has some wear but is in such great enough shape that we did not need to touch it. We guess an artisan made it for fun since there are no markings on it. The bonus was it only costs $22! 

Another solid wood find could be an antique that barely had any wear. We know its old because there is a lot of work that is clearly done by hand, particularly when looking inside the drawer.
It sits in our entry way and only cost us $15! I feel like we are stealing from the store or something.

Another find is nothing exciting but it is large, also solid wood and has a good brand label on it.
It needs work. Jim intends on refinishing it with a dark mahogany stain. However I kind of like the weathered look of the wood after some sanding.
It has that look that is so in right now which I love! I am trying to talk him into sanding it all down and we can keep it like this. This one was only $20. Another amazing bargain!

We have a house of furniture that does not match but at least each item has a story with it!

 Thank you for stopping by! Wishing you a fabulous week ahead. ~Val


  1. Ooh, great finds! I especially love the one in your entry hall. How elegant!
    I usually go thrifting across the border in the Netherlands :)

  2. i like your finds! especially the first one!

  3. these are fantastic finds Val! I prefer unique pieces to a house that looks like it is from the showroom floor. Our house is eclectic with bits and pieces of memories from our travels. Just the way I like it. LOVE these new tables of yours - they are perfect

  4. Fantastic Val!! Amazing finds! Personally, I do think everything goes! I hate these houses that look all the same. You know what I mean? Your house looks cool and it's you! I love it! I agree, sand it down and keep it that way!! Hugs!

  5. Great finds Val! I think mismatched funiture adds character to a home :D The last one looks like a nice bit of oak it would be shame to stain it darker.

  6. I like your finds and agree with the ladies! it's better to have a unique house with unique pieces :)

  7. Nice selection!!!!
    Have a good week!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  8. Great buys! I love all the detail on the legs of the first two. And the dark stain on the second one.

  9. What a treasures! I am especially loving the one in the second photo, both the shape and the colour! I like it when furniture isn't all matchy-matchy. I always feel a bit uncomfortable when I enter a space that looks like it's a page from a catalogue. Furniture with a story behind it is much more charming.

  10. I love antiques Val! My house is filled with them. I also love a dark mahogany. Most of my furniture is such. It's so beautiful and timeless. So that will be the perfect stain. $15!!!!!!!! You got a TREASURE!

  11. Oh, nice finds! And so cheap too :D

  12. Great buys, Val. I like the weathered look too. So my finger are crossed that you can talk your DH into it ;)

  13. Great finds! I think it looks artificial when everything matches together and is of the same kind in a house.

  14. Wow! These are some fantastic finds, Val!
    I love old furniture, and I love old furniture that does not match. :-)
    Wishing you both, a wonderful weekend.

  15. I love small wooden tables. These are all really great finds, and my favorite is the one at the top. Although I really do like the tables with the drawer too.
    My older son took woodshop class and made a little table. We use it all the time. =0)

  16. what fabulous finds. Unique and a steal.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  17. Great finds! Who says everything has to match? I surround myself with things I love and things that make me happy. Those little tables would be so handy and you can fit them in anywhere. I have a little table in my foyer that I just love. They add charm!


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