Saturday, August 6, 2016

World War 1 Memorial

This park is about a 5 minute walk from our house. 

This World War I memorial was built in 1956 to honor those from our city who were lost in this war.
Each of their names is beautifully displayed.

The center is inscribed with:
In the days of triumph and peace it is wise to remember the cost of victory. Let us resolve that the sacrifices made by these men shall not be in vain. Let us, the living, pledge ourselves to preserve and protect for their children and ours the freedom and liberties for which they gave their lives.

This is The Hiker created by Theo Alice Ruggles Kitson to commemorate the American soldiers who fought in the Spanish-American War. 

Over 50 copies of this sculpture can be seen across the United States.

The park has wonderfully kept grounds that change through the season. These photos were taken at the beginning of the summer.
 Decorated with lots of flags.
Of course it also boasts pretty flowers. I love these below with purple fuzzies.
Well I hoped you enjoyed this bit of green space in our city.

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  1. i visit the one in our little town from time to time. it is a solemn place to remember the sacrifices of locals and their families through each war. the conflicts never end. the losses never stop, it seems.

  2. How wonderful that you live right next to the beautiful park! The inscription on the memorial is a great reminder. Those pink peonies are so pretty!

  3. I have a real thing for WW1 and WW2 memorials, so thanks for posting this beautiful one!

  4. It looks a lovely place to take a stroll and the inscription is beautiful.

  5. what a beautiful park -and gorgeous flower photos!

  6. Oh very interesting sweetie

  7. Nice the have a park that closeby. We've got some war memorials over here too, so important to remember! Those peonies are gorgeous :-)

  8. What a beautiful place it is, Val. It's so important to remember and not forget, tho. Gorgeous pics of flowers. Wishing you a happy start into your new week, Val.

  9. Fab post! thank you for sharing.


  10. What a beautiful memorial! And all the flowers the white and purple ones :)

  11. Very lovely! I like this so much.

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  12. such a great reminder on the world war 1 .I love the pictures

  13. What a beautiful memorial Val! A lovely tribute and so peaceful to walk or sit. There's an area in one of our parks that has either a WWI or WWII memorial. I will have to go again to see. You made me think.

  14. That's a gorgeous park to have nearby. I need to explore the ones near me, too, eek! Thanks for the reminder ;)

  15. Beautiful park and Memorial! only a 5 minute walk sounds great to visit often and enjoy the landscaping :)

  16. Beautiful park for the Memorial! Val, you live in a very beautiful area!


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