Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is certainly revealing itself in our yard. 

I am very excited to report that the young magnolia tree our neighbor gave us which we transplanted in the Fall is starting to bloom!
Almost open! 

If anyone know which  variety this one is, please let me know. I tried identifying it online but that was difficult since there are so many. Its petals are quite floppy. We are in Massachusetts so it is hardy to the area. Maybe its leaves will tell me more when they start to show.
The daffodils are trying to get there.
The holly has berries starting (at least I think that is what that growth is!).
The sedum is growing very healthily.
We will have some tulips.
Lots of blooms will show on the giant rhododendrons.
We also have this little rhododendron which I believe is the PJM variety. It did not bloom last year since it was squished between 2 ancient burning bushes with a fence against its back side. Since we removed the old fence and routed the new one differently, this shrub is so happy and covered in soon to be flowers!
I think our roses survived too and will come back beautifully.
I hope you have enjoyed our yard's start to the season. Hopefully you are seeing all sorts of prettiness where you are too!

Thank you for stopping by! ~Val


  1. Wow, so many beautiful flowers! Looks like magnolia "Star wars" but I am not sure. :)
    Happy Easter val!

  2. Happy Easter Val!!!
    I am so happy that the magnolia tree is flowering!! Everything is coming up beautifully! We just had a major rain and I am seeing things coming up now! I still have lots of cleaning up to do. Lucky I like to be outside! LOL!
    Big Hugs!

  3. The magnolia looks wonderful, and great to see that spring has sprung. We are having some colder days (it will be freezing again at night next week), but I am sure spring will be making a comeback soon!

  4. I am sure your garden is going to look really lovely! You are giving it lots of good care. The magnolia is pretty.

  5. Happy Easter! The garden is looking good :)

  6. Everything looks wonderful, Val.
    I am still waiting for our magnolias. Hopefully soon!

  7. Looks like you're about to have a yard full of awesome blooms. I'm sure it'll be beautiful!!

  8. I love this time of year when everything starts to appear after winter. Your yard will be gorgeous when everything comes out. I always think magnolias look really exotic as if they belong somewhere tropical :D

  9. It's so great to see everything come to life and bloom! Our magnolias came early this year. Sadly most of them are gone now. I'm not quite sure which ones you have either!

  10. Your garden is doing great! Maybe your magnolia is a star magnolia (magnolia stellata). Enjoy spring :)

  11. Val, Spring has definitely sprung in your garden. So many gorgeous varieties. Definitely let me know the scent of daffodils. LOL

  12. Spring is such a lovely time of year! I love all the plants budding out and the gorgeous flowers. Many of the magnolias in my area unfortunately got frost bitten.


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