Saturday, June 24, 2017

Hosta Garden

Some of you may remember we started a hosta garden back in the fall.
It detracts from the ugly chain link fence that goes between the properties. 
This corner was so sad when we moved into the house.
It was a depressing area of dirt and weeds.
Now it is alive with lush, flourishing plants.
We added this sedum in the fall too which acts as a ground cover. As you can see it is starting to catch on with little bits sprouting up at random!
 5 years from now the area will probably be covered with this pretty lime green.
These hostas had lined our front walkway but did terribly last summer with the drought. Now they are super happy with a balance of sun and shade throughout the day.
 We planted 2 holly back here too last fall which are equally content. 
We are quite pleased with the result. We are going to leave it as is since these plantings will all get larger each year.

It also camouflages the telephone phone which is what you see in the back of the photo below.  Our street was developed in 1900 and the utilities were put in the backyards of this street only. No one seems to know why although I suspect we live on what was once a city trolley road since it is much wider than all the other area streets.

This corner has come a long way since we transplanted the hostas! (a before photo below) The holly and the sedum were to tiny.  The hostas were cut back as I read to do in order to move them properly. This did not effect their health at all. 😀

We have also applied grass seed which has made a huge difference in outlining the garden.
Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed our cozy hosta garden. ~Val


  1. it is looking really nice! it does take time for everything to take root, but you can really see how much work you have put into this backyard area

  2. I love hostas. They always look really nice and, in time, spread to provide fabulous ground cover.

  3. Your garden looks already so beautiful.:)
    Happy Weekend Val!

  4. Gorgeous colours Val and a perfect spot for hostas! It's looking lovely already :D

  5. You made this space looking great and hostas are always a good choice for shadow. And they have beautiful blossoms. Nobody talks about that but I love how they bloom :)

  6. You should be proud of yourself, this garden looks fantastic! It's reminded me that mine needs a bit of TLC haha.

    Little Moon Elephant

  7. That looks really great, Val! It's the perfect spot for your hostas :) Enjoy your Sunday!

  8. Your garden already looks good. It is going to be so beautiful in the future after all your hard work.

  9. Great job Val!!!! It's looking amazing!! I have one part of my garden, where I let it go wild and I think two of my hostas died off?? I think that's so weird! I have to clean it up and see what has happened!
    Your hosta garden looks amazing!!
    Big Hugs!

  10. The garden is already beautiful :) It's going to look amazing as the ground cover keeps growing in.

  11. Val, it looks beautiful, and I can tell you from experience that the hosta will multiply exponentially from year to year.
    In no time, they will be huge.

  12. Love your photo's, your garden is looking good.
    Hosta's are a great plant and I do like sedum too ... excellent for ground cover.

    All the best Jan

  13. Val, I remember when you guys said you were going to do that! It looks so good! Everything is really coming together. Very pretty.

  14. It is lush indeed now! Looks great. I had never heard of a Hosta Garden before now.


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