Saturday, April 14, 2012

This Week's Blog Post

New Earrings
Another busy week!  More new earrings available at Miss Val's Creations!
I love the multi-faceted hematite. These were picked up at a bead show. Their shimmer was calling me from across the room!!!! They sold the night I posted them but I have since made another pair!
Milk and Honey Naturals
I received this wonderfully scented bug repellent from blogging friend CourtneyJo of Milk and HoneyNaturals.
This solid can be tossed into your purse with no worry of leakage or smelling horribly (let’s face it, wearing bug spray will repel humans as well as bugs). Its scent includes rosemary, eucalyptus and citronella. After warming it in your hands for a few seconds it can then be rubbed on your skin.
Milk and Honey Naturals on Etsy also includes soaps like this yummy vanilla mint soap.
Sold shampoos like this honey lavender.
Gifts for various events. I love the concept of a favor that your guest can actually use.

Check out Milk and Honey Naturals on Etsy for more wonderful items. Stop by CourtneyJo’s blog here.
Rhododendron in Bloom
One of my rhododendrons started blooming! My cheap camera took some gorgeous photos! It is amazing how the flower goes from this... this in just a few days!!!

Rhododendrons are not a favorite of mine. They are pretty when they are in bloom but I find them a bit ugly the rest of the year. I am really trying to grow fond of them since they are super hearty and like New England weather.
Bucket List
Some of you may remember that I jumped out of a plane back in September 2010 (blogged about here). Yes that is me freefalling in the sky with a very fake smile for the camera. I started writing my bucket list that month and did the most difficult item first.
Many months later that is still the only thing I have checked of my list, but had the intentions of doing 1 thing a year.
My 38th birthday was April 11 and this year I decided to cross another item of the list to celebrate which I will be doing this afternoon. If I am not back with a blog post next week that means I have incurred a serious injury. This item is less dangerous than skydiving but the disclaimers I will have to sign are probably similar! Find out next week what crazy thing I did this time!
Have a great spring week everyone. Thank you for stopping by! ~Val


  1. I am really curious what are you going to do.
    Wish you luck!

  2. Wow Val, I really am curious about what you are up to...I didn't know you had jumped from a plane...hole cow. I could never be that brave. Whatever you are doing today, have a great time and take photos for us out here in blog land.

    Happiest of birthdays to you by the way......

    I also love the hematite... :)

    Have fun.


  3. First off, Happy Birthday wishes to you! And whatever crazy and daring thing you're about to do, I wish you well. You're much braver that I. :-)

    The earrings you've made are super gorgeous. Don't break any fingers, so you can keep on making them. lol


    1. Thank you Libby. What I am doing shouldn't break any fingers. :)

  4. these pics are beautiful!!! i love them! hope u had a lovely easter :)

  5. I went skydiving last year for the first time - I actually had "get skydiving license" on my bucket list... did the whole day long class, time in an air tunnel and one solo jump. That scared my so much I haven't gone back... I figured I was allowed to alter my bucket list to say, "Go Skydiving." :)

    Hope you had lots of fun and had a real smile on your next adventure!

    1. Wow! Solo jumping takes some serious bravery!!! Jumping tandem was scary enough for me.

  6. Sky diving!! Good for you! Amazing! I can't wait to read what you did, next week ;o)
    Your new earrings are adorable! Love the colors ;o)
    We have rhododendrons too, but not in bloom yet. Too early. I agree, when they are not in bloom, they aren't that pretty, but I like that they are a hardy plant ;o)

  7. Good smelling bug to check that out!!!
    Happy Belated Birthday :)
    Can't wait to hear what fun and crazy thing you did this week!

  8. Happy Birthday wild and crazy Val! Can't wait to hear of your latest venture:)
    Very cute earrings and the products of your friend look fun.
    Loving the pink of your rhododendrons. It's wonderful when that spring color starts painting the world!
    Hope you are in one piece. Take care.

  9. Courtney is the best, I'm sure your new product smells delish! I cannot wait to hear what crazy/fun thing you've been up too, next week seems very far away! ;) Happy happy birthday ~ wishing you a joyful year full of laughter, peace and growth. :)

  10. Oh my!! I can't wait to see what you did. Hope your birthday was great!

    I'd like to thank you for the inspiration you gave as far as doing exercise at home via you tube. I started last week and are very motivated!

    Hope you didn't break a bone!

    1. I am so happy to be an inspiration Claudia. :) The internet is so cool. The free workouts are amazing and so varied!

  11. Late happy birthday! You are so full of surprises, skydiving??? Love the way you dare to live :)) Oh, and that soap, I swear I would eat it!!!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday to you Val!!
    I cannot even begin to image what you might be doing, and I look so forward to finding out!
    Loving those hematite earrings and the vanilla mint soap looks good enough to eat!

  13. Happy belated Birthday, Val!
    Oh my goodness, you jumped out of a plane? How very brave of you! I went on a balloon ride once. The landing was memorable ;-)
    She has so many wonderful goodies in her shop. Love the rose facial scrub bar!
    Looking forward to your next post :)

    1. A hot air balloon ride is on my list of things to do too! It seems scary but awesome at the same time.

  14. Hi Miss Val - You always have something interesting on your blog. Love stopping by and visiting you! Milk and Honey Naturals look beautiful!

  15. Lovely earrings! I love Courtney Jo's shop and all the beautiful stuff she makes. I can't wait to hear what your crossed off of your bucket list. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Everyday Inspired

  16. The earrings are very pretty. I adore natural soaps. You must have some bucket list. I'd loved seeing your cute smile.


  17. I love your jewelry. All the time fantastic stuff !!!
    The soap is beautiful. Looks like a deliscious cake...
    Kind regards, Synnöve

  18. I love the earrings!!!
    Happy belated Birthday!!!
    take care and do not do crazy lovely!!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  19. wonderful pictures. and have a fun birthday!

  20. Wow! What have you been up to? I am intrigued!!
    Those soaps you have shown look amazing. I could eat the top one - yummy!

  21. Can't wait to hear what are you doing lol

    Love the hematite earrings as well and how clever about the bug repellant....I HAVE TO check it out!

  22. are those really soap??????! they look like yummy cakes lol

    thanks for visiting my blog and left me a comment :)

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  23. mmm that soap looks like candyy!! : )

    i havent updated my blog in awhile but i just made a post - check it out? xx

    - <3

  24. Hi Val,
    Me again. Just wanted to say, your necklace at Lisa's is a gem! Truly lovely. I am hoping she'll fix the draw for me:)

  25. I love the look of that bug repellant. I hate that is usually smells. Plus those soaps look great. Well done on going sky diving! Something to tick off your list.


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