Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Cliff Walk in Maine

This cliff walk is located in York, Maine.
There was an "enter at your own risk" sign! It has seen better days but I suppose it would be quite costly to repair.
Although overcast, it was a stunning walk.
As it went on it became treacherous, particularly with no more guardrail and a rocky terrain to prevent one from falling off!

There are some cool homes on this walk that make you feel as though you are in Europe rather than the US.
There were even a couple of cannons used as lawn ornaments. A unique choice for decor!
I found this yellow moss to be quite gorgeous!
You can't even see the ocean in that last one since it was so grey outside! It was there though. The sea was gentle that day but there was still the beautiful sound of it in the air.

I hope you enjoyed this walk. The coast of Maine is stunning and highly recommended to checkout if you have the opportunity. ~Val


  1. how beautiful! glad you enjoyed your walk along the Maine coast .... I have been there a handful of times and always love it up there

  2. Wow Val!! Gorgeous! Truly stunning!!!

  3. Maine is such a beautiful state.
    It's too bad that the trail is in such disrepair.
    Still, you had some really beautiful views though!

  4. It looks quite steep - is that why the sign is up? I'm pretty wobbly on my legs if I haven't got anything to hold on to ;-) Beautiful scenery, especially the last one!

  5. Thanks for taking us on this walk Val! :D It definitely holds some treasures and the view is gorgeous.

    I read your comment about the neighbor's dog! That's horrible! If you can hear it, I know they can. Why do people do that. You hate to rat on your neighbors, but there is a nuisance law with the police department. I think it falls under Quality of Life Department with the police. You could inquire about that. Do you think the dog is having a hard time adjusting to it's new environment? Lack of sleep is the worst. I feel for you.

  6. what a beautiful place to see the ocean, natural fauna, & old homes.

  7. So nice to see a walk that's so different to my walks around Sydney.

  8. This is such a beautiful place. I would love to take walks here!

  9. Wow,just gorgeous! The kind of the place I like to walk!:)

  10. This looks a great walk, I enjoyed your photographs.

    All the best Jan


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