Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hartley Mason Reservation

While taking a ride up the coast of Maine we stumbled upon the lovely Hartley Mason Reservation.
This area was developed by Hartley Mason in the 1800s who had a vision for this beautiful coastal location. There is a beautiful beach yonder that was being enjoyed even though the weather was not at it best.
He built a number of summer homes (now gone) here for guests to enjoy. 
Back in Victorian times, bathing suits were not allowed to be worn off the beach so this property also included many changing rooms to keep within the social norms of the time.
Arriving at the park you are greeted by this whimsical piece of art titled Pleasure Ground by Sumner Winebaum (my favorite part of this site).
It is full of scenes you typically see on a beach set on this gorgeous rock.
Full of charm!
I just have to show our hotel bathroom as it is like nothing I have ever seen before with all this ceramic lilac and mint!
I am guessing these pieces were made for hotels back in art deco days since I have never seen these colors in a home bathroom. The toilet tank was extremely large. Even the faucet handles had the matching lilac details! It is so much more fun staying in a place with character rather than a boring hotel. 

I hope you enjoyed this bit of Maine! Thank you for stopping by. ~Val


  1. I loved seeing this bit of Maine and I really enjoyed all of your photographs.
    I agree ..."It is so much more fun staying in a place with character rather than a boring hotel."

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan 

  2. ha! yes those colors are deco. We called this "LA Art Deco" out in California. This link is a pic of our bathroom in the house we sold in SF ... our's was the same green with yellow. The kitchen was similar

  3. The lilac and mint is such a cool combo! I haven't seen that in particular but in Florida there's lots of pink mod bathrooms still around :) Looks like a wonderful trip

  4. Val, you go to the best places! What a gorgeous area! I love the figures on the rock!! And, that bathroom! That really rocks! I seriously mean that! If that was in my house and it was in good condition, I would leave it! So cool! Big Hugs!

  5. Love the sculpture scenery on the rock! How lovely! And the bathroom is just adorable :)

  6. What a neat place, Val!
    Maine is such a beautiful state.
    That is indeed a very interesting bathroom.
    It's really different, but I LOVE it!

  7. Great photos of the sea & love that bathroom!

  8. Oh I love that rock sculpture! You live in a very scenic place :) I've never seen that color combination for a bathroom before :)

  9. I want to visit Maine! Looks so lovely. Loved hearing about the history of Hartley Mason Reservation Val! So interesting. That lilac bathroom is so cute! So retro.

  10. What a nostalgic place to visit! I'll have to look it up the next time I'm in Maine! :)

  11. That wash basin in the hotel bathroom is really a fancy one.

  12. The bathroom makes me think of sweeties! It looks a lovely beach.


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